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social studies

review for unit 2 test (not working on now)

what is Sumer? it is a powerful city state in Mesopotamia that produced the first writing system using clay tablets.
what is Mesopotamia? it is an area of flat land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers where one of the first civilizations emerged it can also be described as the land between the rivers or the fertile crescent
what is the Torah? the first five books of the Hebrew bible. The Jewish religion was greatly influenced by the Torah.
what is the code of Hammurabi? a set of laws established by Hammurabi to protect the weak and every law came with a punishment
who is Abraham? c. 1800 b.c. a shepherd living Ur who is considered by Jewish people to be the first Jew
who is Nebuchadnezzar 2? 630 b.c. - 562 b.c. Chaldean dynasty king of Babylon who took overmuch of the former Assyrian empire and ordered massive building projects. (for the test you should know his the king of Babylon)
who is Hammurabi? 1810 b.c. -1750 b.c. king of Babylon who came to rule all of ..Mesopotamia and established a IMPORTANT written law code known as the "CODE OF HAMMURABI"
who is Solomon? c. 1000 b.c. son of David and king of Israel and he built the great temple
what is monotheism? the worship of only one god -Judaism
what is polytheism? the worship of many gods
what are ziggurat? a huge pyramid shaped structure consisting of a series of stacked rectangular platforms
what is a city-state? a city that is an individual unit complete with its own form of government and traditions
what is divine kingship? the right to rule was god given
who developed a writing system with just 22 characters? the Phoenicians did
what advancements were made during Nebuchadnezzar 2's rule? math science literature and astronomy
what made Hammurabi's code different than earlier law codes? who was he trying to protect with his law codes? his law code was different than earlier ones because all laws came with a punishment. also the laws protected the weak.
why did Solomon build his temple? he built his temple to serve as a place of worship.
what promise or covenant did Abraham make? that he would worship only one god.
what are the ten commandments? a set of laws that provides guidance for the worship of god and rules for moral behavior
what is the Torah? the first five books of the Hebrew bible
what did river-valleys do? they had great influence on civilizations.
what were the main differences between Babylon and Assyria? Babylon was a center of learning and Assyria focused on war and conquest
what is a dynasty? a ruling family
Lydians probably developed the... regions first coins
what are two differences between the CODE OF HAMMURABI and the TEN COMMANDMENTS? 1 difference is: that the code of Hammurabi has more rules or laws then the ten commandments. another difference is: that the code of Hammurabi lists a series of crimes and their punishments and the ten commandments provide guidance for the worship of god
how did both law codes have an affect on early people? they made moral upbringing
what are two similarities between the CODE OF HAMMURABI and the TEN COMMANDMENTS? 1 similarity is: that they both are ancient laws another similarity is:
Created by: izzy255



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