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Considerable Considerable: In large amount or number; large enough to be noticeable or to have noticeable effects.
Rural Rural: Relating to the countryside.
Create Create : To make something exist.
proportion proportion: Relation of parts within a whole.
Reform Reform: To improve by making changes to something.
Reveal Reveal: To show something that was previously hidden.
Energy Energy: Ability to be active and do work without becoming tired.
Divine Divine: Having the qualities of god or coming from god.
Mercantile Mercantile Means related to commerce or trade.
Patron A patron is someone who gives money or other supports to a person or group.
Lorenzo de' medict Lorenzo de' medict spent large sums of his family money on artistic and architectural projects.
Humanism Humanism: was a cultural movement of the Renaissance based on the study of classical works.
Secularism Secularism:this was the view that religion need not be the center of humans affairs.
vernacular Vernacular: or everyday spoken language of the people.
Niccolo machiavelli Niccolo machiavelli: was a writer of secular writing.
Individualism Individualism: this is the belief in the importance of the individual as opposed to the larger community.
Thomas more Thomas more best- known work is a book entitled Litopia.
Utopia Utopia: to mean an imaginary ideal place.
A satire A satire is a piece of writing that attacks vice or folly through ridicule or sarcasm.
Francois Rebalais Francois Rebalais was a monk, doctor and author.
Johann Gutenberg Johann Gutenberg invented metal type and was a printer.
Censor Censor means to remove material from published works or to prevent their publication.
Linear perspective Linear perspective is a mathematical system for representing three dimensional space on a flat surface.
Leornardo da vinci Leornardo da vinci is a artist, writer, musician, scientist, and inventor.
Michelangelo Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor and architect as well as great poet.
Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri he was a very good writer.
William Shakespeare William Shakespeare he was one of the best writer.
Miguel de Cervantes Miguel de Cervantes one very good writer too.
Sonnet Sonnet is a poem of fourteen lines with a fixed rhyming pattern.
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