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unit 2 vocab

kerboodle higher vocab unit 2

blogger to blog
des centaines hundreds
connaitre to know
croire to believe
devoir to have to
dire to say
en train de in the process of
envoyer to send
exprimer to express
faire confiance a to trust
faire partie de to belong to
le forum de discussion internet forum
grace a thanks to
isole(e) isolated
montrer to show
passer to spend time
poster des commentaires to post comments
permettre to allow
la realite reality
remplir un formulaire to fill in a form
le reseau social social network
savoir to know a fact
le sondage survey
le sujet topic
virtuel virtual
vivre to live
voir to see
vouloir to want
a domicile at home
amener to bring
anonyme anonymous
appartenir to belong
attendre to wait
attendre to expect
avoir peur to be afraid
le but aim
courir un risque to run a risk
la cyber intimidation cyber bullying
decu disappointed
se deplacer to move around
desespere desperate
une enterprise company
entretenir to maintain
etablir to establish
faciliter to facilitate
faire attention to take care
se faire connaitre to get oneself known
faire de la publicite to advertise
la fraude fraud
garantir to garantee
lier to link
menacer to threaten
reflechir to reflect
se servir de to use
soi-disant supposedly
souffrir to suffer
vendre to sell
viser to aim
le vol d'identite identity theft
accro hooked
l'agenda diary
l'application application
avoir raison to be right
avoir torte to be wrong
ca me suffit that's enough for me
contacter to contact
degoutant disgusting
dependant dependant
devenir to become
en cas d'urgence in case of emergency
le GPS satnav
gratuit free
illegalement illegally
le mail email
metre en marche to switch on
sans without
se servir de to use
le smartphone smartphone
telecharger to download
le texto text message
l'agenda diary
avoir peur to be afraid
le bienfait benefit
ca me convient it suits me
la carte map
le cerveau brain
le chercheur researcher
compenser to compensate
le compte bancaire bank account
la fonctionnalite functionality
manquer to miss
le monde reel the real world
n'importe quel any
se permettre de to afford to
la poche pocket
rappeler to remind
reprocher to reproach
la reunion meeting
suduire to seduce
Created by: jesshfrench