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Huntley Chapter 4

What did King Ezana do Who destroyed Meroe
Axum He rises after Kush falls
Export When food and products are going out
Inport Food and products that are coming in
Trade Network System of people who trade goods
Queen Shanakhdakheto She was first to rule Kush from 170 bc to 150 bc
Meroe The city where they set up a royal court
Shabaka Took over and became pharaoh after her brother pianki died
Pianki Kashtas son and he continued to attack Egypt after his father died
Kashta King that was heading North with a big army to defeat Egypt
Napata City where powerful kush kings ruled
Kerma Capital of Kush
Savvanas Grassy plains
Nubia Region that was the change to Kush
Who was Howard Carter He was the founder of a tomb in 1922AD and he was an archaeologist
Tutankhamen Boy that was 10 years old and he was Amenahoteps son
Social Higharchy Division of high or low society
Artisans Skilled workers
Nana Represents moon
Uta Represents sun
Inana Goddess of love and war
Enki God of wisdom
Enlili Lord of air
Polytheism Worship of many gods
Empire Group of land that was controlled by one leader
Elite People of wealth
Menes Rose to power in upper Egypt
The political belief Was based on how man could be both king and pharaoh
Ptuh Creator of the world
Ka Persons life force
Nobles Rich wealthy people
Horus Sky god
Isis Goddess of magic
Osiris God of underworld
Anubis God of dead
Re Sun god
Clikes Earthern banks
Kemet Black land
Desert Red land
Obelisk A 4 sided pillar
Sphinxes Rows of stone with imaginary creatures with bodies of a lion
Hieroglyphics An Egyptian writing with 5 symbols that mean to teach
Papyrus A reed plant that grows beside the Nike river
Rosetta Stone Stone that has 3 different languages
Why did Thutmoses empire grow rich Because Egypt controlled more territory because of trade and tribute
Ramses the great Ruled for 66 years and was the longest pharaoh to hold the throne
Mentuhotep Powerful pharaoh that defeated his rivals and rials and ruled Middle Kingdom
Thebes South of Memphis and mentuhotep moved his city there
Tribute Forced payment
Ahmose Egyptian prince and led and uprising that drove tiykos outside of Egypt and then rose to power and marked the beginning of Egypt’s 18th dynasty
Aylcos A group from south west Asia that invaded and ruled Egypt for 200 years
New kingdom When Egypt reached the height of its power and glory
Nefertiti Tried to lead Egypt in a new direction
Incense Matron burned for its pleasant smell
Aton He was to be worshiped as only one god
Thutmose Took over after Hatshepsut died and he tried erasing her from history
Akhenaton Means “spirit of Aton”
Amenahotep Came to throne in about 1370 bc
Priest People who performed religious ceremonies and have great status in Sumer
Created by: Haley.hurst04
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