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October History Test

New france

What was a Seigneur? A landlord who rented out land to farmers for a small fee along the St. Lawrence river.The person would be responsible for building a house and flour mill on the seigneury.The person would divide one long piece of land into smaller sections to be rented.
Who were the Habitants? French settlers who farmed a small plot of land about the size of a football field.This land was not large enough to support the needs of a large family so they learned to fish, hunt, harvest timber and trap animals.
Who were the Habitants? continued. They would pay rent to the Seigneur in produce (crops) or cash. They would be in charge of building a house and farming the land. They would perform unpaid labour for the Seigneur a few days each year.
Who were the Coureurs De Bois? (Runners of the woods) They went deep into the forests of New France to trade fur with the First Nations.Many of the men chose to live with the First Nations to build a strong relationship with the tribes.
Who were the Coureurs De Bois? (Runners of the woods) Continued To solidify the relationships with the First Nations they would marry the Chef's daughter.
Who were the voyageurs? Professional canoeists who worked for the trading companies. They could NOT trade or sell furs and goods.There job was to TRANSPORT the furs through the narrow waterways to the larger ships so that they could be sent back to france and made into goods.
What was the Catholic Religion? The only religion considered acceptable by the French and king Louis XIV (the 14th) only permitted catholics to settle in New France.Native people, against their will, were forced to convert and practise this religion.religion
What was the Catholic Religion? continued. King Louis XIV believed his Colony would be stronger if everyone practiced this religion.
Who were the Jesuits? known as the black robes.Primary role was to spread the Catholic faith and believes in New France.Built a school for boys in New France.Built Catholic churches that supported the community in New France.
Who were the Jesuits? continued. Unknowingly carry diseases to the First Nations people that wiped out entire tribes .
Who were the Ursuline Nuns? Primary role is to spread Catholic faith and beliefs.Built schools for girls in New France.Built and ran hospitals in New France
Who was king Louis XIV? Established a Royal colony in New France. Organised the settlement of New France including Mercantilism. He was an absolute monarch.
What was the Seigneurial system? The system used by France to divide land among settlers in New France. The land was divided into long narrow plots with each plot running into the St. Lawrence River.
What is Colonization? This happens when a mother country brings another separate regen under its control. For example France took control of an area in North America and called it New France.
What is the first event that led to the Treaty of Utrecht? 1. Spain's King died
What is the second event that led to the Treaty of Utrecht? 2. France started (the war of the spanish succession) a war to try and claim to try to claim all of Spain’s land.
What is the third event that led to the Treaty of Utrecht? 3. European countries including England did not
What is the fourth event that led to the Treaty of Utrecht? 4. After many battles, the French, along with other European countries, signed this document which resulted in France losing some of its land in New France to England.
What is Disputed territory? An area of land that different groups claim belong to them.
Created by: Alex Potter
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