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vocab 7

Valley Forge Where Washington and troops wintered over 1778-1779; many died from exposure, disease, and starvation
Wentworth Cheswell Free African American patriot
Bernardo DeGalves Spanish governor of Louisiana who had supplies shipped up the Mississippi to help the patriots against the British
Marquis De Lafayette volunteer from France who wanted to join the battle for freedom
`Ambush surprise attack
Mercenaries Hired soldiers from another country
Yorktown last real battle when Cornwallis surrendered
Haym Salomon A wealthy jewish patriot who loaned large sums of money to the war effort
James Armistead a slave who acted as a slave for Washington
Siege Attempt to force surrender by blocking the movement of people or goods into or out of a place
Privateer a privately owned ship
Ratify to approve officially
recruit to enlist in the military
inflation when it takes more money to buy the same amount of goods
sustain to suffer or experience
Created by: GodlyManGirl
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