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Chapter 8: People

The Roman Empire

Augustus Ceasar (Octavius) 1st emperor, bring back old customs and build new temples, buildings, roads and aqueducts
Tiberius son of Augustus, knew how to lead, intelligent, unpopular, suffered from depression, became a cruel tyrant
Caligula mentally ill, spent money foolishly, his own guards killed him
Nero sang and played the lyre, made his people listen to him, accused of starting fire that destroyed half of Rome, he blamed Christians and had them persecuted, committed suicide when sentenced to death
Hadrian passed laws for women, children and slaves, lowered taxes, built a wall across Europe
Marcus Aurelius he took command of army, let the German army settle on borders of the Empire to save money
Jesus of Nazareth Jew, preached and performed miracles, Jewish leaders turned against and had him crucified, raised from the dead, son of God
Paul (Saul) follower of Jesus, traveled and preached that God had raised Jesus from the dead and to love and serve the Lord, 1st step toward world religion
Theodosius I made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire
Constantine 1st Christian emperor, ruled the east part of the Empire, moved capitol to Byzantine and renamed it Constantinople
Attila leader of the Huns, from central Asia, horsemen and fierce warriors, invaded eastern Europe
Visigoths Germans who feared the Huns, allowed to settle in the borders of the Roman Empire, won the Battle of Adrianople- 1st defeat inside the Empire
Vandals Germans who went into Rome and destroyed its beautiful buildings and art
Odoacer German ruler who took control of Rome, began the collapse of the western Empire
Galen Greek who practiced medicine, he wrote down everything about medicine and influenced its practice
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