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Greece Test

Chapters 8 and 9

What was the geography of Greece like? Mountainous and rocky land
What did the Greeks become expert at since traveling by land was difficult for them? Shipbuilding
What is a polis? a city-state
Did people in city-states continue to feel that they were Greek? No they felt as if they were residents of each of their own city-states
What did the ancient Greeks value? Philosophy and art
Why did Alexander work to spread Greek culture throughout his empire? He admired and enjoyed the Greek culture and ideas thus he let them continue their own beliefs.
What was the most important aspect of life in Sparta? Preparing for battles
What happened to Socrates because people were upset with his ideas? He was arrested and sentenced to death.
The spread of this culture brought Greek customs to new parts of the world. Helleneistic
What two groups were at the beginning of Greece and help shaped later Greek cultures? Minoans and Mycenaeans
Who did the ancient Greeks believe caused events like seasons and earthquakes? Gods
What did they call the period of great achievements? Classical period
Who was the goddess of love? Aphrodite
What do you call a body of stories about gods and heroes that tries to explain how the world works? Mythology
What is the building constructed in Athens for Athena? Parthenon
Who is the famous poet and one of the earliest Greek writers? Homer
What do you call a group of warriors standing close together in a square? Phalanx
What is a high hill that often had a fortress on its top? Acropolis
What do you call a leader who uses force to hold power? Tyrant
What is a unit of soldiers on mounted horses? Cavalry
What is an agreement to work together? Alliance
What is clear and ordered thinking? Reason
Who is the God of the Sea? Poseidon
Who is the God of the Underworld? Hades
Who are rich landowners? Aristocrats
Who is the King of the Gods? Zeus
What are short stories that teach the reader lessons? Fables
What type of government allows people to have the right to participate? Democracy
What are the Spartan slaves called? Helots
Who only joined the army for 2 years,? Athenians
Who had very intense training during the majority of their lives to be soldiers? Spartans
Who did not have harsh training for military and went to the Academy to learn public speaking , thinking & the arts? Athenians
Who was ruled by 2 kings, officials and governments controlled the Helots? Spartans
Who was ruled by a Democracy? Athenians
Whose women learned household tasks, had no rights and very little education? Athenians
Whose women had more rights, own land, ran households and had physical training? Spartans
What were the major important influences from Greece that still impact our society today? Democracy, Architecture, Language, The Arts, Literature, Modern Philosophy, Sciences such as math, medicine and engineering.
Created by: dcs
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