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European Exploration

Conquistadors (3) -searched for gold -looked for land to conquer -created New Spain
turning point -a moment of history that makes an important change
Colombian Exchange -exchange of goods and ideas between the Eastern and Western hemispheres
circumnavigate -to sail completely around the world
Iroquois Government (3) -introduced the idea of confederacy -union of tribe working together -representative government
Where did the Aztecs live? -lived in Mexico
Where did the Incas live? -lived in Peru
Who conquered the Aztecs? -Cortez
Who conquered the Incas? -Pizzaro
Pueblos (3) -small towns -farming trade -located in New Sapin
Presidios (3) -forts -soldiers -located in New Spain
Missions (3) -religious settlement -tried to convert people to Catholic
Missionary -people who tried to convince others to change religions (Catholic)
Society in "New Spain" (order) -Peninsulares -Creoles -Mestizos -Native Americans
Northwest Passage -Europeans search for a waterway to get to Asia -never found
What did Henry Hudson discover? -New York Harbor
Martin Luther (2) -tested the teachings of the Catholic church -started the Protestant reformation (Catholic/Protestants)
Settlers in New France made money by... -trapping and trading fur
Where was "New France" located? -Ohio River Valley and parts of Canada
Where was "New Netherland" located? -Manhattan and further up the Hudson
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