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2021-2022 HISTORY

UNIT 2: Early Explorers (Vikings, Prince Henry, Columbus)

explorer (**be able to spell**) a person who travels over little-known lands or seas for the purpose of discovery
legend a story coming down from the past, told from one generation to the next.
merchant (**be able to spell**) one who buys & sells goods for a living
cartography the making of maps
navigation (**be able to spell**) plotting the course of a ship & locating its position
caravel a long, slender ship with high billowing sails
Christ-bearer Christopher Columbus' name in Latin
Francisco de Bobadilla replaced Columbus as Governor & had Columbus placed in chains
ambush (**be able to spell**) to attack by surprise from a hidden place
Amerigo Vespucci Italian explorer for whom America is named
Why did merchants want to find a shorter trade route to Asia? What were some of the dangers? Travel by land was very dangerous & took a long time. Dangers included shifting desert sands & high mountain passes; thieves attacked, & sudden storms at sea destroyed many ships.
Who eventually paid for Columbus' voyage? King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of Spain eventually paid for Columbus' voyages.
What were areas of sin for Christopher Columbus? Give example(s) from our readings. Columbus struggled with pride, greed, & anger. He was often stubborn & selfish. {Remember to support your answers from our readings.}
Who is believed to be the first European to set foot on the North American coast? Approximately what year? Leif Erikson, a Viking, is thought to be the first European to reach the North American coast around the year 1000.
What does "San Salvador" mean? see TLTG chp 1
What does "La Navidad" mean? see TLTG chp 1
Columbus was from what country? King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella ruled over what country? Columbus was from Italy. Ferdinand & Isabella ruled over Spain.
What evidence did we read about that might indicate that King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella were Christians? see TLTG & AYAT
year of Columbus' first voyage to America; total number of voyages Columbus made to America 1492; 4 voyages
Who were the best sailors and built the fastest ships in Europe in their time? the Vikings
Prince Henry started a school that brought people from many countries to learn what subjects? astronomy, navigation, & cartography
The Europeans knew a world of only three continents in the 1400s. What were they? Europe, Asia, Africa
Created by: pcsteacher6
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