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American History

Lesson 3

What is Manifest Destiny? The theory that the U.S. would expand across the west was justified and inevitable.
What is the Louisiana Purchase? A land deal between the U.S. and France, in which the U.S. acquired almost the entire western half of the United States for 15 million dollars.
When was Texas officially annexed by the US? 1845
What were some improved forms of transportation and communication in the 1800s? Roads, railroads, canals, postal service, and steam power.
Who invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts? Eli Whitney
Americans wanted to improve their every day lives Spirit of Improvement
What was the temperance movement? A movement to stop the consumption of alcohol
What did banks do in the early 1800s? They gave out loans and printed bank notes
What was the speech that President Monroe gave that said that the US wouldn't take sides in European conflicts and wouldn't allow European countries to settle in western areas? The Monroe Doctrine
What were 3 major things that happened in Andrew Jackson's presidency? The spoils system was created, limited government was enforced more, lots of Indians were relocated.
What was the movement to end slavery? Abolition Movement
Who invented the first american steamboat? John Fitch
Who invented the Electromagnet? Joseph Henry
Who invented the internal combustion engine? Samuel Morey
Who mad the Clermont (the first commercially successful steamboat)? Robert Fulton
Who invented the Textile Mill? Samuel Slater
What was the underground railroad? A secret network of escape routes for slaves
When did Abraham Lincoln win the presidential election? 1860
What were labor unions? Organizations of workers formed to protect members' interests
What does it mean to nullify something? To reject federal law
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