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Caruso-US/Mod ch. 11

Chapter 11 studyguide

Spreading of false information and half truths to give a misleading picture of something Propaganda
Is belief that ones country is superior to all others Nationalism
to assemble the armed forces and prepare for war mobilize
goods that could be sued to help the war effort contraband
note that revealed that Germany had proposed a secret alliance with mexico Zimmerman
payments made by one nation to another to cover the damage it caused in a war Reparations
Pres wilson US
Prime Minister George Great Britain
premier Clemenceau France
Pm/Premier Orlando Italy
German Submarine that torpedoed ships suspected of carrying contraband U-Boats
People who believe in equal distribution of wealth and the end of all forms communist
limit the amount of something that someone can buy or use Ration
the Selective Service Act enacted a law which forced men between the ages of 21-30 to volunteer for the armed forces Draft
Germany, Austria-Hungary and their allies in WWI were known as the Central Powers
US raised money to pay for WWI in two ways War Bonds Taxes
international body organized to keep peace league of nations
a situation when neither side of a conflict can win a decisive victory Stalemate
Great Britain, France, Russia and their allies in WWI were known as Allied Powers
British passenger ship sunk by a German U-Boat in May of 1915 Lusitania
area where operations are carried on Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Clause stating a country was guilty of starting a war "War Guilt"
league article which committed all members to protect the political independence and territory of all member nations Article X
A situatio of which the strength of rival alliances is nearly equal balance of power
Heir to throne of the Austria-Hungary empire Archduke Franz Ferdinand
present day capital of Bosnia Sarajevo
Russian Czar who declared war on Austria- Hungary Nicholas the II
New type of WWI strategy of defending a position by fighting from the protection of deep trenches Trench Warfare
Germany Promised to torpedo only military vessels Sussex Pledge
Well known advertising man who headed the Committee of public information George Creel
Made it a crime to speak any disloyal or abusive language about the government and the war effort Sedition Act
Regulated all aspects of industrial production and distribution War-Industries board
He was the head of the Food administration Herbert Hoover
Commander of the American Army in WWI John J. Pershing
WWI infantry men nickname Doughboys
Peace agreement between Russia and the Central powers that removed Russia from WWI Treaty of Originally Brest-Litovsk
TH original name of Veteran's day Armistice
President's Wilson's plan to make the world "Fit and Safe to live in." Fourteen Points
People choosing what form of Government their country would have self-determination
Treaty that ended WWI and established the League of Nations Treaty of Versailles
An agreement made between nations alliance
Serbian nationalist who assassinated the Archduke of Austri-Hungary Gavrilo Princip
leader in Germany in WWI Kaiser Wilhelm II
gas filled airship used for dropping poisonous gas bombs Zepplin
Policy of placing emphasis upon the military power of a country militarism
Supreme commander of the German military Count Alfred Von Schlieffen
Area between trenches of opposing armies along the western front in WWI No-Mans-Land
Massachusetts senator and chairman of the senate committee on Foreign Affairs who opposed to the league of nations Henry Cabot lodge
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