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Sem 1 Interim Review

Interim Review 2018

What are the 3 language groups in Europe? Germanic, Romance, Slavic
Which languages are in the Germanic language group? German and English
Which languages are in the Romance language group? Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian
Which languages are in the Slavic language group? Russian, Ukranian, Polish
What is the environmental issue for the UK? air pollution
What is a solution to the environmental issue in the UK? find alternative energy sources, use clean fuels, citizens walk or use public transportation
What is Germany's environmental issue? acid rain
What is a solution to Germany's environmental issue? Close old, inefficient factories, enforce strict laws to reduce pollution.
What is Chernobyl, Ukraine's environmental issue? How did it happen? a nuclear power plant disaster, a nuclear blast which resulted in contamination of FARMLAND, surface water and groundwater. One man ignored the alarms and continued a test which = DISASTROUS nuclear blast.
What is an effect of Chernobyl's environmental issue? There was an impact economically because other countries don't want to buy products that were farmed in contaminated soil. It could cause cancer. There was health impact - many people got cancer.
Which two countries form the Iberian Peninsula? Portugal and Spain
In history, where were most cities located? Why? Many cities were located on rivers because it made trading easier and it provided water for survival and factories
What was the Russian Revolution? Russians were upset with Czar Nicholas II for sending food to the front line for the soldiers fighting in WWI. Czar Nicholas got overthrown and Russia became Communist and called the Soviet Union (USSR)
What was a MAJOR change that happened as a result of the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION? Russia's name changed to the Soviet Union and it became COMMUNIST
Put the events in order WWII, Russian Revolution, Cold War, WWI, Worldwide Depression WWI, Russian Revolution, Worldwide Depression, WWII, Cold War
What happened because of the Worldwide Depression? World War II
What was it called when the US and the Soviet Union (USSR) had a war or words or extreme tension? the Cold War
Why was the Cold war called the "Cold" war? there was no FIGHTING between the US and USSR during the Cold War. It was a war of Words
What was a result of WWII? the Rise of the Superpowers
Who were the Superpowers? the US and USSR (Soviet Union)
What did the Superpowers do after WWII? they divided land between democracy and communism (the 2 opposing ideologies)
What were the different ideologies of the 2 Superpowers? the US believed in capitalism and DEMOCRACY and the Soviets believed in COMMUNISM
What is propaganda? a biased and misleading information
Who did the Nazi's use propaganda against in WWII? the Jews
What caused the Cold War? Western democracies had always been hostile to the idea of a communist state and the Soviet Union believed in communism.
Which country was divided into the West and East? Germany (the city of Berlin was divided)
Why was Germany divided? The US stopped the USSR (the Soviets) from spreading communism any further westward. Berlin is where the communist were stopped.
Why did the Cold War end? The FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL caused the Cold War to end because GERMANY reunified and end communist rule in the USSR (Soviet Union)
What does reunification mean? To become one again
What happened because the Cold War ended and Germany Reunified? It ended the Soviet Union (no more communism). Many countries in Eastern Europe became independent again and formed their own DEMOCRATIC government
Was it ALL GOOD after Germany reunification in Germany? No. The people in the east lacked skills, the factories were outdated, but the people in the west were up-to-date with their skills. It was like pausing technology for over 40 years for the people in the east!
Created by: ssha13
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