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Chapter 7: People

The Roman Republic

Romulus and Remus Part of a legend, or story, about twin brothers that founded Rome. Raised by a she-wolf and shepard. Romulus killed Remus.
Latins Lived south of the Tiber River. Their small villages most likely were the beginnings of Rome. Learned from their Greek neighbors.
Etruscans Lived north of the Tiber River. Sailors- trade around the Mediterranean Sea. Cruel kings. Conquered the Latins and Rome. Developed the Senate- made up of Patricians.
Patricians Helped the king govern with the Senate. Top 10% of people, oldest and richest. Ruling class, ran the government.
Plebeians A common person in Rome. They were farmers, merchants and laborers. Citizen- soldiers. They made up the tribunes- part of the government.
Hannibal 2nd Punic War. Carthage soldier. Was responsible for the surprise attack on Italy through the Alps. Defeated much of Italy, but never conquered Rome.
Scipio 2nd Punic War. Roman general who defeated Hannibal in the Battle of Zama- a city close to Carthage.
Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus Wanted reform for the plebeians. Give public land to the poor and lowered the price of grain. Both killed by the Senate- Patricians.
Marius General who put together an army of the poor- plebeians- who had no land. Promised a part of the money. Won many victories. Lost to Sulla.
Sulla General who defeated Marius. Became the dictator. Threw out the law that dictators only could rule for 6 months.
Pompey 1st Triumvirate. A general. After Crassus died, he feared Ceasar. Limited the power of Ceasar. Lost to Ceasar.
Julius Ceasar 1st Triumvirate. Defeated Pompey's army. Became dictator for life. Assassinated by Senate who feared the end of the Republic.
Octavian 2nd Triumvirate. Feared the alliance of Antony and Cleopatra. Defeated them- Egypt. Became emperor. End of Republic.
Mark Antony 2nd Triumvirate. Formed alliance with Cleopatra- Egypt. Killed himself after losing to Octavian.
Cleopatra Formed alliance with Antony. Killed herself after losing to Octavian. Couldn't bear Egypt's loss.
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