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Chap. 3-Logan

The Great Seal of the United States has our country's _________ on it and it can be found on the _____-______ _______. motto one-dollar bill
Memorial Day honors American____________who have fought or died in war. soldiers
The Constitution, which begins We the People, protects our rights to _________of speech and the freedom to practice our ______. freedom religion
The ______________part of the government can approve or reject judges. legislative
Fireworks and celebrating America's freedom are done on ______________ ________. Independence Day
A_______________is a formal request. petition
The____________level of government uses taxes to help pay for services, including fire departments, schools, and _________. state libraries
The government determines which ________ to create. laws
According to the Declaration of Independence, Americans should ___________ a______government if their government doesn't protect their rights. create new
Citizens stand at a private booth to __________. vote
An African American man and a woman are able to vote because of the _________ and ________Amendments. Fifteenth Nineteenth
If the United States wanted to add a new country as a trading partner, the __________government would regulate trade. federal
The Great Seal of the United States says "E Pluribus Unum", which means"______ ____ _______, ________" in English. Out of Many, One
The ________, _________, and __________ levels of government have governing bodies. national, state, local
The____________Amendment gave women the right to vote. Nineteenth
_______________means that our rights cannot be taken away. Unalienable
Created by: Mrs. Logan



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