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unit 7 vocab

vocab for unit 7 on kerboodle

alors so, therefore
l'arbre tree
augmenter to increase
avoir peur to be afraid
bloquer to block
le changement climatique climate change
l'embouteillage traffic jam
etre en train de to be in the act / process of
faire face a to face up to
l'inondation flood
jeter to throw
laisser to let
le nombre number
les papiers litter
pire worse
le pluie rain
le rechaufflement de la terre global warming
reduire to reduce
rouler to travel
le sac en plastique plastic bag
sec/seche dry
agir to act
auparavant in the past
le camion lorry
la consommation consumption
le dioxyde de carbone carbon dioxide
l'effet de serre greenhouse effect
eviter to avoid
fondre to melt
grave serious
s'inquieter de to worry about
interdit banned
menacer to threaten
monter to rise
le niveau level
notamment notably
proche near
quell dommage! what a pity!
rendre to make
resoudre to resolve
se server de to use
aider to help
le carton cardboard
les choses indispensables necessities
la couverture blanket
d'accord OK
distribuer to give out
durer to last
l'espoir hope
expliquer to explain
fier proud
la nourriture food
l'organisation caritative charity
permettre to allow
le quartier defavourise deprived area
le sac de couchage sleeping bag
sain healthy
sans without
le savon soap
le SDF homeless person
le voluntaire volunteer
aborder to tackle
l'accroissement growth
avoir lieu to take place
le cercle vicieux vicious circle
citer to quote
croitre to grow
elever to raise
la faim hunger
les frais expenses
il faut you must
l'illitrisme illiteracy
l'inegalite inequality
la manifestation demonstration
mener to lead
le milliard billion
moins less
le pays country
ralentir to slow down
le rapport report
selon according to
sinon if not
le tiers third
vivre to live
voulour dire to mean
Created by: jesshfrench