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History of Jazz URI

african american influence on pre-jazz came from work songs - rythm
Format for 12 bar blues AAB
congo square (N.O.) where transfer of african rituals to new world
syncretism blending of cultural elements
harmony relationship of tones
melody coherent succession of pitches
syncopation rhythmic attacks between the beat rather than on them
tempo speed of music
vaudeville genre of variety entertainment
minstil shows american entertainment (ppl with black faces)
Bessie Smith (1894-1937) *began career singing in minstril shows*greatest 12bar blues singer*200 recordings*duets w/ armstrong
St.Louis Blues *call response*bessie and armstrong
Brass bands *origanally from england*influenced jazz through march form*16bar strains (repeated)
John Phillip Souza (1854-1932)(stars and stripes) took over marine bands --> top notch concert ensembles
third strain (brass bands)(stars and stripes) *trio*twice as long*contrasting with other strains
RagTime music (scott joplin) *playerpianos*roots for stride pianos*embodied aferican american and white art*alot not recorded
Scott joplin (ragtime) *mapleleaf Rag
ragtime --> Jazz *publication of sheet music*started in N.O. as ragtime blues
form of ragtime AABBACCDD
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