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1st Semester Interim

Social Studies Interim 7th Grade

Iraq Country where the Tigris and Euphrates flow in the area formerly known as Mesopotamia
Jordan River that flows between Israel and Jordan into the Dead Sea
Suez Canal Man-made waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea as a shortcut for trade
Persian Gulf Large body of water where much petroleum is shipped; surrounded by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Iran
Strait of Hormuz Narrow waterway that connects the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, and Arabian Sea
Arabian Sea Large body of water between the Arabian Peninsula and India
Red Sea Body of water between Saudi Arabia and Africa
Afghanistan Land-locked country near Pakistan and Iran
Gaza Strip An area where Palestinians live; located east of the State of Israel
West Bank An area where Palestinians live; located on the western side of the Jordan River
Agriculture Industry that is negatively impacted by water pollution since access to fresh water is limited
Desalination Method of treating salt water to create a fresh water resource
Irrigation Process of watering crops
Dams Building these limits access to fresh water downstream
Rivers Most people live near these for access to fresh water
Population density This is higher along rivers; more people live in the region
Ethnic group Group of people with similar culture, language, customs, and history
Religious group Group of people with similar beliefs about gods, rituals, and life
Ethnic group Examples include Turks, Kurds, Arabs, and Persians
Religious group Examples include Christians, Jews, Sunnis, and Shiites
Arabs Largest ethnic group in the Middle East
Kurds Ethnic group that was divided up after partitioning; now a minority group in Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq
Jews Both and ethnic group and religious group
Persians Largest ethnic group in Iran; speak Farsi
Judaism Religion where people follow the teachings in the Torah, worship in a temple or synagogue, and believe the Messiah has yet to come
Christianity Religion where people believe Jesus is the Messiah, follow the teachings in the Bible, and worship in a church
Islam Religion where people believe the teachings of Muhammad; worship in a mosque, and read the Quran/Koran
Monotheism Belief in one God
Shia Muslims who believe the leadership following Muhammad's death should be a family member
Sunni Muslims who believe the leadership following Muhammad's death should be a trusted community member
Iran Country where there are more Shia than Sunni Muslims
Partition Term meaning to divide or separate or split up
World War I Event that led to the end of the Ottoman Empire and European partitioning of the Middle East
Ottoman Empire Power that controlled the Middle East for centuries prior to WWI
Britain and France 2 European countries that controlled most of the Middle East after WWI
1948 Year the United Nations created the modern State of Israel
Connection The Jews had a religious ___ to the land that was known as Palestine from the days of Abraham
Anti-Semitism Discrimination against Jews
Zionism The movement that developed in Europe to allow the Jews to return to their ancient homeland
Holocaust Mass murder, or genocide, of the Jews by the Nazis
Refugees Palestinians became ___ when the State of Israel was created and they had to move
Palestinians The Arab people that became refugees after the creation of the State of Israel
Muhammad Sunnis and Shias split over an issue about leadership after the death of this prophet
Nationalism Pride in one's country and heritage; the Kurds have a strong sense of this pride regarding the area of Kurdistan
2001 The year Al Qaeda attacked the US on September 11th
Al Qaeda Terrorist organization led by Osama bin Laden that attacked the US on 9-11
Saddam Hussein Iraq's dictator who led the invasion into Kuwait
Kuwait Country invaded by Iraq in 1990 and liberated by the US and allies in 1991
Weapons of mass destruction The US invaded Iraq in 2003 to end the development of these
Terrorist The US invaded Afghanistan to prevent future ___ attacks and to eliminate Al Qaeda
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