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Unit 6 data

Unit 6 vocab terms

Second Continental Congress A meeting of people from all 13 colonies to manage the colonial side of the revolutionary war
Continental Army Army created by second continental congress
George Washington The leader of the continental army
Battle of Bunker Hill The battle that the British won on their 3rd try
Impose something unwelcome that was forced to be accepted like America becoming a country
Independence The freedom to make your own decisions or to govern yourself
Policies A statement
Olive Branch Petition A last ditch attempt to prevent war with the British
Thomas Paine The guy who wrote articles that inspired the Americans in their battles against Great Britain
Common Sense an article written by Thomas Paine
Declaration of Independence The document that said America was splitting apart from great Britain
Thomas Jefferson Main author for declaration of Independence
natural rights Rights that people think are natural law
fundamental rights rights that apply to all humans like the right of equality
Independence Day A term for fourth of July
Created by: Jeff55555