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Dec of Independence

terms: 9th Grade

to take away usurpation
government where the ruler has unlimited power despotism
to rule with absolute power tyranny
to agree or sign assent
to yeild relinquish
to valuable to be calculated inestimable
a positive agreement compliance
total extinction annihiliation
uncontrollable fit convulsions
money set aside for a purpose appropriations
the right to hold tenure
the power or authority to determine issues jurisdiction
to do away with abolishing
depending on choice arbitrary
to give up authority abdicated
paid soldiers mercenaries
unfaithfulness or faithlessness perfidy
rebellion insurrections
greatness of soul, generous, kind magnanimity
kinship consanguity
to accept acquiesce
correctness of behavior rectitude
seriously solemnly
loyal to a country allegiance
union of interest alliances
you can be counted on realiance
to make an effort endeavored
introduction preamble
Created by: ava.caydence