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What did Alexander Graham Bell invent ? Invented the telephone
Who is Andrew Carnegie ? Scottish Immigrant who made a fortune in the Steel Industry. He donated tons of money to various causes
why did they get this name Captains of Industry ? Name given to Industrialists who were perceived in a positive way
What did Christopher Sholes invent? Invented the typewriter
Credit Mobilier Construction Company that stole railroad $ for its shareholders (Corrupt , major scandal)
The Wizard of Menlo Nickname for Thomas Edison
Why did americans move to cities in the late 1800s ? To find work
What was the Bessemer process? It was a process that made removing the impurities in steel easing, cheaper and faster.
What is vertical integration? Gaining control of the many different business that makeup all phases of product's development.
What is Social Darwinism? The strongest companies will survive, the weaker ones won't. Same is true with individuals
What is a monopoly? When one company controls the market. Very little competition
What did the Sherman Antitrust act do? It outlawed any combination of companies that restrained interstate, trade, or commerce. it made it illegal to do anything that lessons competition such as trying to make a monopoly, and price fixing.
What caused the Pullman strike? How did it expand? How did it end? Reductions in wages, terrible conditions, working hours, cut jobs. workers protested, which led to violence. since the workers were a part of a union, the strike spread.
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Major fire, 146 female workers died. (dangerous conditions in the factory
Describe the working conditions/typical workday in the factories 10-12hrs, 6 days a week, dangerous, loud, pour lighting, ventilation, white lung disease
Sherman Anti-Trust Act Made Monopolies illegal
Scabs People who crossed the picket line
Robber Barons What people called the industrialists who they thought took advantage of people and engaged in unfair business practices
Pullman, Illinois Built by the Pullman Company to house its workers
Patents made ownership of inventions
Eugene Debs and Sammy Gompers Major Union leaders
For what things were the early unions fighting? wages, safer working conditions, 8 hour days, child labor laws
What caused the Pullman strike? How did it expand? How did it end? Other unions wanted to help. train workers refused to work on train cars that had a pullman car attached. mail then wasn't getting delivered, Pullman lowered wages but not rent in the town. gov't got involved, and President Cleveland shut it down
Munn v. Illinois Court Case that upheld the governments right to regulate private businesses
Mary Harris "Mother" Jones She helped to organized coal miners to fight for bETTER working conditions
Labor Union Workers that join together to get their demands met
John D. Rockefeller Founded Standard Oil. At one point Rockefeller controlled 90% of the oil business
Interstate Commerce Act Gave the right for the Federal Government to supervise the Railroads.
The Haymarket Riot a protest rally against the national demonstration. in chicago there were speeches about fairness, when someone through a bomb into the crowd of police and killed 7 cops 4 anarchists. tried for conspiracy to commit murder.
For what things were the early unions fighting? wages, safer working conditions, 8 hour days, child labor laws
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