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je jouais I used to play
tu jouais you (s) used to play
il jouait au rugby he used to play rugby
elle jouait she used to play
nous jouions we used to play
vous jouiez you (plural) used to play
ils jouaient they (m) used to play
elles jouaient they (f) used to play
je faisais de la natation I used to do swimming
tu faisais you (s) used to do
il faisait he used to do
nous faisions we used to do
vous faisiez you (plural) used to do
ils faisaient they (m) used to do
c'était bien it was good
j'avais I used to have
tu avais you (s) used to have
il avait he used to have
elle avait she used to have
nous avions une grande maison we used to have a big house
vous aviez you (plural) used to have
ils avaient they (m) used to have
elles avaient they (f) used to have
j'étais content I was happy
tu étais you (s) were
il était he was
elle était she was
nous étions we were
vous étiez you (pl) were
ils étaient they (m) were
elles étaient they (f) were
je buvais du coca I used to drink coke
tu buvais you (s) used to drink
il buvait he used to drink
nous buvions we used to drink
vous buviez you (pl) used to drink
ils buvaient they (m) used to drink
elles buvaient de l'eau they (f) used to drink water
je croyais au père de noël I used to believe in Father Christmas
tu croyais you (s) used to believe
il croyait he used to believe
elle croyait she used to believe
nous croyions we used to believe
vous croyiez you (pl) used to believe
ils croyaient they (m) used to believe
elles croyaient they (f) used to believe
je le connaissais I used to know him
tu connaissais you (s) used to know
il connaissait he used to know
elle connaissait she used to know
nous connaissions we used to know
vous connaissiez you (pl) used to know
ils connaissaient they (m) used to know
elles connaissaient they (f) used to know
je pouvais I was able to
tu pouvais you (s) were able to
il pouvait he was able to
elle pouvait she was able to
nous pouvions we were able to
vous pouviez you (pl) were able to
ils pouvaient they (m) were able to
elles pouvaient they (f) were able to
il y a dix ans ten years ago
quand j'étais petit when I was little
il y avait there used to be
Il faisait beau it was nice weather
Il faisait du soleil it was sunny
Il faisait mauvais it was bad weather
il faisait orage it was stormy
Il pleuvait it was raining
Created by: dcor90