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7 Hist Ch 5 BJU WS

baillis also known as bailiffs. These men collected taxes for the king and ensured justice in carrying out laws.
bank comes from the Italian word banca meaning "bench". A place for exchanging money and issuing letters of credit
Black Death similar to bubonic plague killed millions of people throughout the world.
cathedrals large and impressive churches
Charlemagne Sole ruler of the Frankish kingdom. Charles the Great
charter a document freeing townspeople from feudal duties
Chaucer English poet who wrote The Canterbury Tales, about a group of pilgrims traveling to visit the tomb of a famous religious leader in England.
chivalry French word meaning "horsemen". Rules and expectations for knights
circuit courts royal court with judges who heard cases in a particular province (circuit) of England.
Clovis Leader of a Frankish kingdom in 481
common law Henry II developed uniform laws for all of England that overruled local laws
crusades Christians traveling to the Holy Land to liberate the Holy Land from the Seljuk Turks. They were not successful.
Dante Italian writer from the Middle Ages. He wrote the Divine Comedy, a poem about an imaginary journey through hell, purgatory, and paradise
Divine Comedy The poem describes Dante's travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven
Edward III English king, related to the French royal line through his mother and claimed the right to the French throne
flying buttresses external supports in Gothic style that allowed cathedrals to have higher ceilings and thinner walls
Gothic new style of construction which included stained-glass windows, thin walls and external supports known as flying buttresses.
Great Famine of 1315 first calamity to strike large area of Europe during this period. Began with the heavy and frequent rain over much of Europe starting in 1315
Greek and Arabic writings the Crusades brought into Europe
Henry II William the Conqueror's grandson. He strengthened English royal authority by expanding the use of royal courts.
Hugh Capet The count of Paris. He founded a new royal line in France
Hundred Years' War a series of battles between England and France from 1337 and 1453. These battles were fought to settle the issue of English control of land in France
Iberian Peninsula the peninsula where present-day Spain and Portugal are located
indictments Record of accusations issued by a court
Innocent III Pope who led the Church at the height of its power in the Middle Ages
interdict the Power of Rome to deny access to most of the sacraments of the church. Happened to Venice for refusing to persecute its citizens for religious heresy.
Jews group of people accused of starting the plague
Joan of Arc French peasant girl who lead them to victory. she believed that she was being directed from heaven to drive out the English. The English captured her and burned her at the stake.
jury group of local citizens who would make up a list of accusations of the crimes committed and the suspected criminals
letter of credit merchant left an amount of money with the banker, who gave him a letter that credited the merchant for that amount. The merchant could then travel without having to carry a large sum of money.
liberal arts studies reserved for "free" men (nobility) rather than "common" men. All subjects were taught in Latin
Magna Carta "Great Charter" declared the principle that the king's power over all citizens was limited.
manor estate on which most people lived
mayor of the palace the leading palace official
Medieval Warm Period 11th century warming of the climate in Europe
middle class composed of those who lived in towns and included the merchants, bankers, craftsmen, and other skilled laborers
papal the power the Pope has, supreme over church and state
Parliament 2 groups of advisors to the king
Peace of God church decree placed church property out of bounds for fighting.
Phillip II Developed a strong monarchy in France. He seized much of English-controlled land in France during the reign of King John of England.
pope "papa" bishop of Rome who claims supremacy over all other Christians
power of the purse The ability of Parliament to grant or withhold its approval of new taxes. This limited the king's power
Reconquista the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula
Roman Church dominant church which grew in political power during the Middle Ages
Romanesque Middle Ages architectural style with rounded vaults and thicks walls.
The Canterbury Tales poem by Chaucer about a pilgrimage to a famous religious leader's tomb in England
town charter legal document listing the privileges of the townspeople
Truce of God restricted fighting to certain days of the week
Venice an Italian city-state during Middle Ages on the Adriatic Sea. It had a republican government with a large navy.
vernacular common spoken language
William the Conqueror 1066 conquered England and laid the foundations for a strong monarchy
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