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Ch. 7 LA History

Ch. 7 Louisiana History

What is to grant money toward a useful cause called? Subsidize
What is a doctrine of noninterference by a government in economic affairs? Laissez-faire
What treaty was written in 1762 that enabled France to keep Louisiana out of British hands by secretly transferring it to Spain before peace negotiations began/ Treaty of Fontainebleu
What is another phrase for "free men of color"? Gens de couleur libres
Why did the French secretly transfer the LA colony to Spain? They knew they were going to lose the French and Indian War; didn't want British to have it!
What war was fought between England and France and their allies between 1756-1763? French and Indian War, aka Seven Years War
Who did the Spanish support in the French and Indian War? France
How did O'Reilly's arrival in LA differ from Ulloa's? Spain gave O'Reilly 12 ships and 2,000 soldiers (greater show of force) than Ulloa's 1 ship and 90 soldiers.
What is a military force composed mainly of citizen-soldiers? Militia
How were the Spanish slave laws different from the French Code Noir? Spanish laws gave slaves more rights, like coartacion (self-purchase) and to bring complaints to the Cabildo.
Which war did the American colonists fight for their independence from Great Britain? American Revolution
What was the reorganized form of colonial government instituted by O'Reilly to replace the French Superior Council? (also the name of the government building) Cabildo
Which people came to Louisiana from Malaga, Spain and helped found New Iberia? Malaguenos
What is protection from danger or distress called? Refuge
What is the treaty that formally ended the French and Indian War, in which France lost all of its North American holdings except for a few Caribbean Islands? Treaty of Paris of 1763
How is the statue of Evangeline (p. 207 textbook) related to Louisiana's history? It's a symbol of the Acadians difficult migration to Louisiana.
What was the name given to the new code of laws for the Spanish colony of LA based on the Spanish Laws of the Indies? Code O'Reilly
What was Miro's main focus as Governor of the LA colony? To control/regulate the disorderly city of New Orleans
How did Galvez aid the American colonists in the American Revolution before Spain declared war on England? He allowed the Continental Army to buy supplies at the port of New Orleans
Why did Anglo-American settlers begin moving to Louisiana in the late 1780s? The Spanish government offered land grants
The agreement that ended the American Revolution and made the United States an independent nation Treaty of Paris of 1783
What was one of the greatest successes of the Spanish colonial period? Attracting large numbers of new immigrants
The document, in effect between 1781 and 1787, that set forth the form of government for the colonies during the American Revolution and for the United States after the war until it was replaced by the U.S. Constitution Articles of Confederation
Which was a direct result of the French and Indian War? The French lost the Louisiana colony
What was the name of the colonists who came to Louisiana from the Canary Islands? Islenos
What desired characteristics were the Spanish looking for when they encouraged migrants from the Canary Islands and the Malaga region of France? Spanish-speaking and ability to serve as soldiers
What were the conflicting goals of France and England in the 1750s that eventually led to war? France wanted to control the fur trade and link their land holdings while the British wanted to expand to the west
Why did the British consider the Acadians their enemy? Acadians refused to take an oath of allegiance to the British king
How did Alejandro O'Reilly earn the nickname Bloody O'Reilly? Colonists felt that his punishments for the 1768 revolt were too harsh
What factors attracted the Acadians to Louisiana? French culture, language, Spanish support and Catholicism
Why was Spain willing to take control of Louisiana even though the colony had not been profitable for France? To protect their Mexican silver mines
What region of Louisiana is sometimes referred to as the "Florida Parishes" due to the fact that it was once part of the Spanish Florida? The parishes north and northwest of Lake Pontchartrain
What was Spain's goal for the Louisiana colony? Maintain it with little cost
What improvements did Carondelet make to the city of New Orleans? Oil-lit lamps to increase safety and a canal connecting Bayou St. John to Lake Pontchartrain
How did the French Revolution affect Carondelet's term as Governor of Louisiana? He focused much of his time and leadership towards monitoring for signs of unrest and suppressing any revolutionary support
Why didn't the British attempt to stop the transfer of the Louisiana colony to Spain? It was completed in secret and they were unaware
What hindered the military movement of the Spanish in the Gulf of Mexico during the American Revolution? Hurricanes
How is the French Superior Council related to the Revolt of 1768? Council members encouraged citizens to openly rebel against Spanish rule
Which best describes the reputation of New Orleans when Esteban Miro became Governor in 1785? Urban, disorderly, rowdy
What treaty transferred Louisiana from France to Spain? Fontainebleau
How did Galvez's economic approach differ from Ungaza? Galvez actively worked to control trade while Ungaza was laissez-faire in his economic approach
Why is the Architecture of the French Quarter not French? Because a devastating fire destroyed most of the city and had to rebuild during Spanish rule
What was the name of the FIRST constitution ratified by the United States? The Articles of Confederation
Which explains how Luis de Unzaga improved relations between the Spanish government and the people of Louisiana He tacitly (approval without saying) allowed trading with the British to feed the colonists or aide his allies
Created by: Esther Landry



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