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Krise Bill of Rights

Review for test on the Bill of Rights

Right to express one's opinions in public Freedom of Speech
People cannot be tried for the same crime twice Double Jeopardy
Convention An assembly
The way in which changes are added to the Constitution. Amendment Process
All amendments found in the Constitution today were proposed by who? Congress
James Madison's reason to prepare the Bill of Rights quickly. To earn the People's trust
Why does the amendment process take such a long time? It needs to win broad support
When people disagree with something and they write letters to the government to complain. Right to Petition
Individual rights are not limited to those found in the Constitution. Ninth Amendment
The first amendment protects (the five freedoms) Individual rights
Which group wanted the Bill of Rights to be added. Anti-Federalists
unlawful search and seizure 4th Amendment
The Miranda Warning explains a persons rights under the Fifth Amendment
The right to bear arms Second Amendment
In favor of a strong central government Federalists
Created two houses in Congress. Great Compromise
Helped determine representation in Congress in the South Three-Fifths Compromise
Explains what the Constitution is going to do. Preamble
The part of the Constitution that discusses the Legislative Branch Article One
The part of the Constitution that discusses the Executive Branch Article Two
The part of the Constitution that discusses the Judicial Branch Article Three
The Constitution did not become the "Law of the Land" until this happened. Ratified
Counted slaves as only a "part" of a human being. Three Fifths Compromise
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