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Inventors-Chapter 4

A person who gives money to a business or project hoping to make a profit Investor
Business owned by investors corporation
A share of a company that has control of an entire industry Monoply
A Share of a company that is sold to an investor stock
Person who buys or uses goods and services Consumer
Economic system in which people are free to start their own businesses and own their own property Free Enterprise
Crowded and often unsafe workshops Sweatshops
Workers who refuse to work force business owners to meet their demands Strike
Someone who moves to the US to live. Immigrant
Alexander Graham Bell Telophone in 1876
Thomas Edison Light Bulb in 1870
Lewis Latimer Invented carbon filament light bulb - lasted several days.
Frank Sprague Designed world's 1st electric streetcar in Richmond, Virgfinia
Frank & Charles Duryea Ist Automobile in US -1893
Wright Brothers 1903- 1st Airlplane it flew 120 feet lasted 12 seconds
Blanche Stuart Scott !st woman to fly anairlplane
Andrew Carnegie used Besemer Process to make steel and heavy stuff like bridges, buildings, cars
John D. Rockefellar Built refineries to make oil more useful
Mary Antin She left Russia, Jewish immigrant
Samuel Gompers helped form Labor Unions
Ellis Island immigration station in New York. Checked by doctor for dangerous disease
Angel Island Immigrants from China they landed in San Francisco; they had to prove that they had a family living here.
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