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US History Ch. 8

US Builds an Empire

Foreign Policy US govt. actions dealing with other nations or territories such as treaties or wars
Joseph Pulitzer publisher who gained fame by printing pamphlets that emphasized the abusiveness of the Spanish towards the Cuban people
Yellow Journalism journalists who wrote sensational stories to gain readership, often filled with untruths and exaggerations
De Lome Letter Letter by the Spanish ambassador that viewed president McKinley as weak, angering the US public
USS Maine navy ship that exploded in the Havana harbor under mysterious circumstances blamed on Spain
Theodore Roosevelt Sect. of navy who helped push for modern navy and joined the Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War
Imperialism the policy of nations of the West to impose their economic and political control over Africa, Asia, and Latin America
Alfred T. Mahan naval officer who wrote book on the importance of Sea Power that influenced the US navy to modernize
Platt Amendment addition to the Cuban Constitution by the US that granted power to intervene in Cuban affairs
Queen Liliuokalani Hawaiian ruler who was overthrown by US fruit growers
Sanford B. Dole owner of United Fruit Co. who overthrew Hawaiian ruler to avoid US tariffs by requesting annexation by the govt.
Open Door Policy US sponsored plan to open up China to trade for all Western Industrial nations rather than competing in wars
Boxer Rebellion Chinese uprising against the growing influence and abuse of foreign governments; was put down by multi-national western army
Panama Canal built by the US with land forced from Colombia to enable faster travel of merchant & military ships from Atlantic to Pacific/ made the US a two-Ocean economic power
Dollar Diplomacy the practice of using capital investments and debt payments in Latin America to gain trade advantages
Pancho Villa rebel leader in Mexico whose attack on US soil instigated an armed response in the US to destabilize the Mexican government
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