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Ch. 4 Federalism

What is federalism? system of government where power is divided between the national, state, and local level
What is an expressed power? power directly state in the Constitution in Article I, Section 8
What is an implied power? power to do what is necessary and proper to accomplish expressed powers; comes from Necessary and Proper clause of Article I.
What is an enumerated power? another name for an expressed power
What is a reserved power? power that has been given to the states; 10th Amendment recognizes them
What is a concurrent power power that both the state and federal government has - eg, create courts, collect taxes, make and enforce laws
What are some expressed powers given to Congress by the Constitution? Lay and collect taxes, regulate interstate commerce, borrow money, raise and army and navy, create naturalization laws, establish post offices
What powers are denied to Congress? Pass retroactive laws (that punish actions that occurred before the law passed); Tax exports; Hold or sentence a person to jail without a fair trial; Pass any law that violates the Constitution; Grant titles of nobility
What is the supremacy clause? Constitution and national law overrule state law.
What is a mandate? law that requires states to take on an activity or provide a service that meets minimum national standards.
What are federal grants? Sums of money given to a state or local government for a specific purpose.
How do new states get added to the US? 1. Congress passes an enabling act. 2. The people vote whether they want to join. 3. Congress votes on whether to accept the new state
The federal government must provide these things for states: A republican form of government; protection form invasion and unrest; and respect for the territorial boundaries (borders) of the states
The states have these obligations to the federal government provide for federal elections, ratify amendments to the constitution with a 3/4 vote
What is an interstate compact? Agreement between the states, approved by Congress
Be able to label the powers of Congress, the States, and the concurrent powers from the Venn diagram we did in class! the venn diagram key is in our schoology Ch. 4 folder (click the link)
Who hears lawsuits between the states? The Supreme Court
What powers do the states have? regulate and promote business within the state; protect life and property; education, health and welfare; environmental issues
What level of government has control of public education? states, under the 10th Amendment
How does the federal government get involved in public education? * stopping discrimination under the 14th Amendment; * attaching rules to funding
What was the cause of the recent partial government shut down? dispute about funding, mostly centered on the proposed wall on the southern border
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