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History Quarter

What did Paleolithic people first use to hunt animals? clubs
How did people adapt to survive the cold temperatures during the ice ages? they enriched their diets with fat
As food became more abundant, fewer people were needed in the fields. As a result, some people became artisans, or skilled workers
To support Babylon's building projects and military, Nebuchadnezzar stole from neighboring city-states
The natural barrier that protected Egypt in the south was cataracts
Who was a model of dedication to family for Jewish girls to imitate? Ruth
Who was the father of the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel? Jacob
The faith of the Israelites became known as Judaism
Jacob's 12 sons became the leader of Israelite tribes
This king of Israel was a brave warrior, successful leader, and talented poet. David
The Paleolithic period began about 2.5 million years ago
Skilled workers who made metal products, cloth or pottery artisans
people who travel place to place to survive nomads
What did men perform ONLY during the Paleolithic Age? hunting large animals
What was discovered during the Paleolithic Age? development of weapons made of flint
What major change took place during the Neolithic Age? farming
The first civilizations arose in river valleys.
The land bridge between Asia and North America is now known as the Bering Strait
Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China are 4 great river valley civilizations
What is the earliest age of human history? the Stone Age
A holy place decorated with images of gods and godesses shrine
What made communication easier in the Paleolithic Age? spoken language
How did Paleolithic people get to North America? Asian land bridge
What was the most important effect that the Agricultural Revolution had on peoples' lives? the population grew at a faster rate, and people settled into communities
In early civilizations, the first governments were monarchies
Copper+Tin= Bronze
times of extreme cold when ice covered the Earth Ice Ages
taming an animal for human control domestication
an ancient writing system made up of cutting wedge-shaped marks into clay cuneiform
built a great army to protect their lands from invasion Assyrians
How many tablets were in the Assyrian library in Nineveh? 25,000
Which 2 factors influence how people settle? drinking water, growing crops
Sumerian temple built to honor a chief god ziggurat
Although most Sumerians were farmers, some were artisans
The calendar developed by the Sumerians was based on the cycles of the moon
What did the Hittites teach the Assyrians to help make them stronger? stronger weaponry tools
What part of Babylon was known as one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World? Hanging Gardens
Babylon became rich from trade between the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf
In 612 B. C., the Chaldeans defeated Assyria
In 539 B. C., the ______ captured Babylon. Persians
rebelled against the Assyrians Chaldeans
wrote a legal code that covered most areas of daily life Hammurabi
The first Sumerian Kings were probably war heroes
Sumerian artisans, merchants, farmers and fishers are middle class
In the Mesopotamian summer, water was scarce
The Nile is called the "lifeblood" of Egypt because its valley and delta provide fertile soil for farming
The Egyptians took advantage of the Nile's annual flooding by becoming successful farmers
The government in Egypt after 3100 BC was a dynasty
How are Mesopotamia and Egypt similar? farming surpluses meant people could become anything
To obtain life after death, Egyptians studied The Book of the Dead
While building the pyramids, the Egyptians developed a 365 day calendar with 12 months
The ancient Egyptian civilization was the first to describe advances in the field of medicine
The Great Pyramid was for King Khufu
Which Egyptian ruler built many temples during the New Kingdom period? Ramses 2
avoided military conquests and expanded Egypt's economy Hatshesput
What caused the decline and fall of Egypt? they were attacked by neighboring people
Because they were conquered by Egypt, Nubians accepted many Egyptian cultures and customs
collected tax payments of grain from farmers bureaucrat
forced payments sent to someone tribute
embalmed body mummy
line of rulers that passes from father to son dynasty
act of preserving a body to keep it from decaying embalming
chief Egyptian god Re (Ra)
The Kushites' pyramids were different because They were smaller and steeper.
flat grasslands, sometimes scattered with trees savannas
united Upper/Lower Egypt Narmer
Which person did the Israelites ask to choose a king for them? Samuel
The pharaoh let the slaves go on the 10th plague because it killed his 10th son
Daniel's faith in God protected him from the lions
Who did Samuel anoint for the first king of Israel? Saul
Who introduced the Greek culture to Judah? Alexander the Great
Ezra was a scribe of the Torah
The wise sayings of Solomon are known as proverbs
Who defeated the Chaldeans and conquered Babylon? Persians
Who led the Israelites out of Egypt? Moses
wrote many Psalms David
led the Israelites in a series of battles to conquer Canaan Joshua
The Israelites marched around this city until its walls were destroyed. Jericho
The tabernacle housed a sacred object called the Ark of the Covenant
King Solomon taxed his people heavily to build great buildings
Chaldean king who captured Jerusalem and punished Jews in 597 B. C. Nebuchadnezzar
Judeans are today known as Jews
Kosher Jews would never eat pork and shellfish
The first 5 Torah books were written on scrolls
The spreading of Jews beyond their home is the Diaspora
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