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Explorers Review

Review for your Explorers Quiz

Who was the Spanish explorer who accidentally arrived in the Americas in the year 1492 after the end of the Reconquista? Columbus
The 3 G's were... God, Gold, and Glory
Who was the Spanish explorer landed in Mexico, defeated the Aztecs, and took back gold to Spain? Cortes
What did Cortes bring back that made Spain VERY excited to explore? Gold
Pineda made a mapa (map) in what year? 1519
What did Pineda make the first map of? The Texas coastline
Who was the Spanish explorer who shipwrecked and lived among the natives? Cabeza de Vaca
Where did Cabeza de Vaca put the stories he heard of cities of gold? He wrote a book
How did Spain react to Cabeza de Vaca's stories of cities of gold? They were VERY interested and sent more explorers
Spain lost interest in lands north of New Spain because this explorer went on an expedition to cities of gold and found nada (nothing) Coronado
What country landed in present-day Texas over 100 years after Spain and refueled Spanish settlement of Texas France
Which French explorer established Fort St. Louis in present-day Texas La Salle
Soldier and explorer from Spain who is looking for the 3 G’s: God, Gold, and Glory Conquistadors
Traveling in or through an unknown place to learn about it Exploration
A journey with a specific purpose Expedition
Land in the Americas claimed by Spain that included present-day Texas and Mexico. Spain wanted to get resources and wealth from New Spain New Spain
A period of 780 years of fighting between Christian Kingdoms and Muslim Moors (from Northern Africa) over control of the southwest lands of Europe Reconquista
A sea route to the Pacific Ocean from the Arctic Ocean along the northern coast of North America Northwest Passage
Where did Columbus THINK he landed The indies
What civilization native to Mexico did Cortes destroy with smallpox? Aztecs
The Reconquista ended in what year? 1492
Created by: kaylasantana