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Civics Chapter 4

9th Grade

traditions that re passed from generation to generation heritage
law making body legislation
1619, representative legislature established in Virginia House of Burgesses
document giving permission for formation of a colony, or a list of rights of a colony charter
oldest college in the USA Harvard College
arbitrary power tyranny
around the 500 bc - the athenians created the worlds first direct democracy athens greece
direct democracy belongs to who athens greece
the laws are made directly by the citizens direct democracy
republic belongs to who rome italy
is a government in which citizens elect representatives to make laws republic
The magna carta belongs to who English tradition
a list of basic rights that even the monarch could not take away. King john signed it The Magna Carta; english tradition
was established in the late 1200's as a legislative body, which grew stronger over the years parliament
1689 ad- parliament passed the ____ _____ ____ ____, called the Second Magna Carta, it further limited the power of the monarchs English bill of rights
taxes could not be collected without parliaments approval " No taxation without representation" Second Magna Carta
a request to the government petition
take away license to practice law disbar
natural rights john locke
french writer who proposed the idea of separation of powers in government montesquieu
separation of powers belongs to who montesquieu
it is the idea that powerr in government should be divided to prevent tyranny by one group or person separation of powers
list and describe Montesquieu separation of powers legislature: only makes the laws, Executive: enforces laws, Judicial: judges would interpret the meanings of the laws
delegates from 12 colonies met in Philadelphia- wanted english government to respect the colonial rights first continental congress
colonists called for a final plea to end tyranny by the english government, but mostly they made plans for war with england second continental congress
define common sense 1776, a pamphlet published by thomas paine, which promoted the idea of independance for the colonies
identify declaration of independence document written by thomas jefferson, ben franklin, and john adams, the document explained why the Americans were seeking independence. the colonial representatives adopted it july 4 1776
define mayflower compact written agreement by pilgrims to make and obey laws for the welfare of the group
plan of government constitution
define shays rebellion revolt lead by daniel shay in 1786-1787 in Massachussets it was against the heavy taxes and foreclosure of farms. it illustrated that the articles of confederation were weak and unable to keep order
to take away foreclose
an armed uprising against the government of a nation rebellion
Created by: ava.caydence
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