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Content and Academic Vocab for Ch. 8

nationalism a feeling of intense loyalty to a country or group
militarism a celebration of military ideals; a rapid buildup of military power
alliance system a system in which countries agree to defend each other
balance of power a equality of power among different countries that discourages any group from acting aggressively
stalemate a situation in a conflict in which neither side can make progress with each other
U-boat a German submarine
dimension the level on which something exists or takes place
equip to outfit
propaganda information used to influence opinion
stress to call attention to
autocracy a government in which one person with unlimited power rules
revolution a war to overthrow a government
convoy a group of ships that escort and protect other ships
proceed to continue
Kaiser a German emperor
consent to agree
mobilization the gathering of resources and troops in preparation for war
ration of limited use
consume to use
socialist a person who believe industries should be publicly owned!!!
pacifist a person who is opposed to the use of violence
dissent disagreement or opposition
perceive to view; to become aware of by observing
national self-determination the right of people to decide how they should be governed
reparation payment for damages during a war
final last
achieve to accomplish
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