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U.S history Unit 9

question anwser
he ended us participation in the war in Vietnam Richard M Nixon
his nickname means bringer of light Ho Chi Minh
he suffered a credibility gap Lyndon B Johnson
wrote silent spring Rachel Carson
she chaired the presidents commission on the status of women Eleanor Roosevelt
she wrote the feminine mystique Betty Friedan
founded the american G.I forum Dr.Hector Garcia
testified that pres. Nixon knew about the watergate break in John Dean
organized farm laborers Dolores Friedan
Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries OPEC
A relaxing of tensions between the US and communist powers detente
The idea that communism would eventually take over the countries in Europe domino effect
Stop communism from spreading containment
Attacks made against US and South Vietnamese forces on the Vietnamese New Year's Day tet
A group of people living together in a social arrangement of cooperation commune
The movement dedicated to heightening public awareness of issues relating to organisms ecology
the positive action towards creating better representation of minority groups in institution affirmative action
Uniter Farmer's Work Association UFWA
ruled that education is not a fundamental right San Antonio V Rodriguez
required a more equitable system of public school funding in Texas Edgewood v Kirby
guaranteed that parents interest outweighted the interest of the state Wisconsin V Yoder
Discrimination against Hispanics in Texas Schools ended in 1957 in Herminca Hernandez et al v Consolidated ISD
hmmm hmmm akakiki
his assassination threw the democratic party into a chaos Robert F Kennedy
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