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for kids doing QVOD

This map shows the extent of the Roman Empire at its most powerful. Which number represents the Red Sea? 6
He was an Egyptian pharaoh who died at a young age, but whose treasures were discovered in 1922 to worldwide acclaim. King Tut
Using this map you can determine that there was significant interaction between widely diverse cultures.
This river is over 1,500 miles long and is sacred to the Hindu faith. Ganges
Early civilizations, such as those in Egypt, Sumer, and Harappa, were all centered around rivers that flooded regularly.
This is a form of government in which citizens elect leaders to run the government.
The seven continents Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia,Europe,Antarctica
This is a form of government in which citizens elect leaders to run the government. Republic
The rise of the merchant class, and the growth of towns and cities as a result of trade, occurred due to the deterioration of which political system? feudalism
He was an Italian explorer whose travels to the Americas in 1492 were funded by Spain and started the awareness of the new world. Christopher Columbus
Which of these BEST describes the immediate outcome of the Peloponnesian War? Sparta replaced Athens as the most powerful Greek polis
This is the name given to the period of history in which farming developed and ended with the development of metal tools. Neolithic
names of the oceans Indian, Atlantic,pacific,Arctic
Created by: 25tineal46
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