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HI 101-2

pg. 62-67

balkan peninsula what mountain range extends into the Mediterranean sea from the southeastern Europe
attica and peloponnesus two prominent regions of ancient greece
minoans the first important European civilization after the flood
ionians Mycenaean escaped from the Dorian to Asia minor and Attica where they became known as
hellenes Greeks who made a great contribution to western civilization
homer who wrote the Iliad and Odyssey
acropolis the typical polis surrounded a hilltop fortress called what
agora another name for marketplace
barbarians people who did not speak Greek
Athens, Eretria, and Sparta refused to be part of the Persian empire and under Darius I
490 BC when the Greco-Persian war
Xerxes I determined to conquer Greece
thermopylae a narrow mountain pass in central Greece near the Aegean sea
battle of salamis the first major naval battle in history
479 BC when was the battle of plataea
Xerxes defeat in Greece turning point in world history
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