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History 8th

Reconstruction Test

What was Abraham Lincoln's primary goal during the Civil War? To fix the Union and join together again, fixing seperation of color
Lincoln plan for Reconstruction was Restoring the Union and bring it together again, moderate plan, gentle on former confederates
Johnson's plan for Reconstruction Ratify the 13th amendment, bring states back into the union, disavowal of seccession ordinances, repudiation of war debts. Moderate plan
Radical Republicans in Congress dislike Lincoln and Johnson's plan because? Their plan was to moderate and they refused to admit the southern states.
What are the components of the Radical Republicans Reconstruction Plan? Joint Committee of Fifteen, Increased the power of Freedman's Bureau, Replaced Southern Government with 5 military districts
What 3 new Amendments were added to the Constitution as a result of the Civil War Reconstruction? 13th, 14th, 15th
What is the 13th Amendment? Abolished Slavery, Ratified December 18, 1865
What is the 14th Amendment? Granted Black Citizenship, Ratified July 28, 1868
What is the 15th Amendment? Gave Black Males the Vote, Ratified March 30, 1870
What is Freedmen? An emancipated(freed) Slave
What was the Freedmen's Bureau? Established by Congress to help former black slaves and poor whites after the Civil War.
Why did the plantation system in the south fall apart after the Civil War? The workforce did not exist anymore all the slaves were freed
Why did racism grow amongst many poor southern whites after the Civil War? The Freedman were competing for the same jobs as the poor southern whites
What is Sharecropper? A tenant farmer who gives a part of each crop as rent
Why did so many former slaves become sharecroppers? The plantation owners provided them with a cabin, mule, tools and a plot of land.
What is a carpetbagger? Political candidate who seeks election in a area with no local connections.
Why did most southerns hate carpetbaggers? They were not from the south and were not southerners
What is the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)? A klan that terrorized southern blacks with threats and acts of voilence against those who tried to assert their rights.
What are Jim Crow Laws? Southern legislature passed laws segregating blacks from whites in restaurants, hotel and theaters - legalized segregation.
The purpose of the Jim Crow Laws? To create separate areas for blacks and whites in public waiting rooms, restaurants, schools land hospitals
What decision about Segregation was made by the Supreme Court in the case Plessy v. Ferguson? Segregation laws were constitutional as long as the facilities were separate but equal.
How didi the Plessy v. Ferguson cas impact the basic rights and freedoms of African-Americans? It allowed segragation to continue.
Expamples of how the southern states tried to limit effectiveness of the new Constitutional amendments and the rights that they granted? Jim Crow Laws, Literacy Test, Grandfather Clause, Poll Taxes
What is Segregation? The social system that developed after the Period of reconstruction in the south. People are separated by race
When did Reconstruction end. 1877
Created by: cmiller621
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