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7 Hist Ch 4 BJU WS

7 History Ch 4 World Studies BJU

12th century When did China develop large cities?
Africa China imported gold and ivory from this country
Age of Exploration the period of time that occurred after the trade routes from Europe to Asia were closed
Ancestor worship What did the Chinese practice?
Batu Khan Who led the Mongol army into eastern Europe and conquered Russia?
Buddhism A religion form India that became influential in China.
Buddhism What religion's teaching includes Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path?
Bushi Japanese warrior code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese samurai.
Bushido "the way of the warrior" code emphasized honor, bravery, and absolute bravery
Cast iron a hard, brittle, more durable than iron
China During the Song dynasty which country did Mongols defeat?
China What country developed the first known paper money as a form of currency?
China to Russia Where did Chinggis Kahan's empire spread from?
Chinggis Khan What does "Great Ruler" mean?
Confucianism Which teaching centered on human relationships?
Feudalism in Japan system in Japan in which land is given to Daimyo and Samurai in exchange for military service
gunpowder-filled bamboo rockets What did Mongols use to defeat walled towns?
Hara-kiri What is the Japanese warrior's committing suicide?
Islam Tamerlane eventually converted to which religion?
Japan Country Chinggis Khan failed twice to invade
Kublai Khan Who founded in the Yuan dynasty in China?
merchant class lowest level of Chinese society
Mongolian tents Yurts
Mongols Who defeated a combined army at the Battle of Liegnitz?
No Were Mongol tribes harmonious with neighbors?
North of China The Mongolian plateau is located where?
paper, compass, gunpowder, printing, and cast iron significant Chinese inventions
Rice Crop that is a major part of the Chinese diet
Samurai a Japanese warrior
shamanism Traditional religion of Mongolia was ?
Shang dynasty What was the earliest Chinese dynasty?
Shintoism Japanese religion that teaches nature worship
Shogun What Japanese title means "great general"?
Silk What fabric was made from moth cocoons and worms from China?
Taj Mahal A beautiful tomb built in India by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.
Tamerlane Mongol leader who's empire went from Turkey to India
Taoism A passive Chinese religion that emphasizes living in peace and harmony with nature.
Tengri Who did the mongols worship?
The same period as Moses was commanded to lead Israel out Egypt. When did Chinese history date back to ?
Tokyo The capital of Japan as of 1603
Western part of Europe never successfully invaded by Mongols
Created by: Mrs_CC