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what is history

review for capstone test

How is history a record of past events? because history is the studies of past event that which define our present
what is "history acts" means? when an important event take place in that period of time
what is an example of history acting? the discovery of the of america, first man in the moon, the invention of the car, etc...
what does "History Acted Upon" mean? is when an event happens prerior to other event
what is an example of History Acted Upon? the abolishion of slavery,
Who are the "Actors" on History? martin luther king, cristopher columbus, issac newtons, thomas edison.
what is global history? is the history that happens in other countries.
what are some examples of global history? french revolution, the atomic boom in hiroshima,iraq war, vietnam war, etc...
what is national history? is when history happens withing the country in wich you live in.
what are some example of national history? the decalration of the independence,the abolition of slavery, the civil war, 9/11, etc...
what is local history? is the history that happens in a community that you are living in.
what are some example of local history? boston te party, the signing of the declaration of the independece, etc...
Created by: gregory moreno