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What is History?

review for capstone test

How is History a record of past events? History keeps track of what is happening. It is the study of human relationships, behavior and interaction. It shapes lives of people and people shapes history. It is the art of investigation.
What does "History Acts" mean? History Acts is the Happening. It is what shapes your life and the life of others. It is a happening that affects people.
What is an exemple of History Acting? 09/11 shaped the lives of people because it made us feel unsafe.
What does "History acting upon" mean? History acted Upon is the reaction to the event by people and how it shages their points of view.
What is an exemple of "History acting upon"? Because of the 09/11 people had to change their custums, they had to be more worried about security or traveling.
Who was an actor in History?
What is an exemple of National History? Obama willing to make the health care i.e insurance for everyone. It is National because it envolves the lives of all nation.
What is a National Event? It is an event related to one country .
What is an exemple of Local History? The strike of the Hyatt Housekeepers was a local event since it affected boston, where i live.
Exemple of Changing coming from the powerfull.
Exemple of Changing coming from the grasshoods. The king was spending all the money and natural resources that the colonies had and never payed them back. So the colonies got their independence. It was a changing coming from the grasshoods against the king.
Exemple of History in Current Events.
Created by: bellebiajoni