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What is history?

Review for capstone

How is history a record of past events? Those events which happen in the past. These events make people stronger in present, so whenever they going to take next step in their lives then they will think about the ancient times.
what is history acts mean? It means when something happen.
What is an example of history acting? for ex- Civil Rights- Shaken to the bone (Negro people take the action to kill other people in 1960)2. MASSAZCRE AT THE MOZOTE(in 1992, the war was acted, because the Rufina Maya is acted to tell the story)
what does history acted upon mean? When history react/respond to the situation.
what is an example of history acted upon? Protest Against WWI and Women's Right To Vote.President Wilson was against wonen's rights, Alice Paul and other women got humiliated. 2. THE SECOND BATTLE OF WOUNDED KNEE(It's acted upon, india face the strugglees, people were more fighting, then the
Definition of Local Events that happen in our community or city.
Definition of Global Events that happen across the world.
Definition of National Events that happen within a country.
Example of local Protests on heights hotels,
Created by: rrakhi