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Bigger, Better, Faster Unit

Amendment this refers to an official change to a national or state constitution
Amendment Process this is a method by which the Constitution may be changed or added to
citizen this is a community member, by birth or by naturalization, who owes loyalty to the government and is entitled to the government's protection.
civil liberties this term refers to the basic rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly, that are protected from government interfernece
civil rights this term refers to the laws that protect citizens from undue or unwarranted government intrusion into their lives, either personal or as an organization.
congress this is the term used to generally describe the Legislative Branch of the US Government (House of Representatives AND Senate)
due process this is the policy that the government's actions towards its citizens must follow established rules and procedures
fourteenth amendment this is one of the post Civil War amendments to the US Constitution that includes the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses
House of Representatives this is the lower house of the Legislative branch at both the national and state levels, and is where tax bills must originate
incorporation this term refers to the process by which the Bill of Rights is and can be applied to the individual states of the US
jury duty this is the citizen's legal obligation to serve as a part of the body that determines the guilt or innocence of a person accused of a crime
military draft this is to call up or select men for the armed services
minority rights this basic idea of democracy holds that the majority of people cannot deny privileges and liberties to others
pledge of allegiance this is the name/title given to the sentence, written in 1892, that is an expression of loyalty to the US
ratify this means "to approve" and is what states must do to proposed Constitutional amendments and the Senate must do to treaties just to name a few.
responsibility this is something that a citizen should do but is not required to do so by law. It is an obligation that a citizen fulfills voluntarily
Senate this is the upper house of the Legislative branch - at both national and state levels - where treaties and appointments are approved, and where impeachment trails are held.
tax this is money that a government requires people to pay in order to fund services and goods for all people
unconstitutional this is the term given to a law that a judicial body overturns because it violates basic or specific rules of the constitution
US Constitution this document provides the framework for the US government. It consists of three main parts: the Preamble, seven articles, and 27 amendments.
bank this term describes a business that stores the money of people and businesses and makes loans to its customers
budget this is the estimate a person makes for each month that lists their income and expenses
buyer this is the person or persons who purchase a good or service
checking this is the name of a type of bank account used by a person who wants to safely store their money but have the immediate access to it for purchases
competition in economics, this is a rivalry that may refer to rivalry among firms, or individuals, or the race to control resources
consumer this term refers to one who buys goods or services for personal use
Created by: nkittie
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