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Ch. 6 LA History

Ch. 6 Louisiana History

What is a grant of land given by the French proprietary government to someone who agrees to clear the land for the cultivation of food and cash crops? Concession
What do you call the officer in command of the French Louisiana colony? Commandant
What is the place where a stream, like the Mississippi River, enters a larger body of water, like the Gulf of Mexico, called? Mouth
Who was the French businessman that became the first proprietor of the Louisiana colony? Crozat
What was the set of laws established in 1724 by Bienville to regulate the behavior of slaves and lay out rules for their masters known as? Code Noir
What is the plant used to make a dark blue dye called? Indigo
Who was the French explorer that hoped to find a water route to China, but ended up claiming the Mississippi River Valley for France? La Salle
What is the ceremonial pipe used by Native Americans called? Calumet
What is a system of letting an individual businessman take control of a colony in hopes that he could make it profitable called? Proprietorship
What is an early form of the modern corporation in which many people invested by buying stock known as? Joint-Stock Company
Who was Iberville's younger brother that became leader of the Louisiana colony after his death? Bienville
Who were the young, marriageable girls sent from France to Louisiana in 1728 with a small trunk filled with clothing and goods needed to establish a household? Casket Girls
What was the collapse of the French investment company, the Company of the West, known as? The Mississippi Bubble
What did the call the business manager of the French Louisiana colony? Commissary-Commissioner
Who is responsible for founding the first French colony near the mouth of the Mississippi River, but died of yellow fever while defending French colonies in the Caribbean? Iberville
Who headed the development of the Company of the West in Louisiana? John Law
Which group of colonists were brought to Louisiana by John Law because it promised them a haven from war in their own country? Germans
What caused the collapse of the Mississippi Bubble? The Company of the West could not repay their investors.
What was the letter written by Tonti to La Salle and left with the local Indians known as? "Speaking Bark"
Which happened first, the founding of New Orleans or Natchitoches? Founding of Natchitoches
Why did Cadillac have trouble with the Indians living around the Louisiana colony? *He was rude *He treated them as inferiors *He refused to smoke the calumet
Which happened first, Louisiana became a proprietary colony or Iberville had Fort Maurepas built? Iberville had Fort Maurepas built.
What were early European explorers hoping to find in North America? Northwest Passage (a water route to Asia)
Which tribe settled among the Chickasaw and were demanded to be turned over to Bienville because it posed a possible threat to the French? Natchez
Which of the following French explorers was murdered after he passed up the mouth of the Mississippi River and landed in Texas? La Salle
Who controlled most of Canada during this time? English
Who controlled most of Central America during this time? Spanish
Who controlled most of the United States during this time? French
Who risked his life by bluffing the British navy and causing them to abandon their efforts to establish a fort at the mouth of the Mississippi River? Bienville
Which French governor of Louisiana is credited with hosting the first Mardi Gras Ball? Marquis de Vaudreuil
Which French governor of Louisiana first suggested growing indigo and tobacco as cash crops? Sieur de Cadillac
Why was life so difficult for colonists after Iberville left for France? France did not send much needed supplies to Louisiana.
What caused the Natchez Uprising? The French demanded the Natchez give up their land.
Which Indian tribe allied themselves with the British? The Chickasaw
What is the meaning of Louisiana? "Land of Louis", after King Louis XIV of France
Where did the French threaten to send their unruly sons? New Orleans
What was the first French fort built in Louisiana called? Fort Maurepas
Who founded Natchitoches and became extremely wealthy through illegal trade with Spain? St. Denis
What faith was to be taught to all slaves under the Code Noir? Catholicism
Who is credited with being the "Father of Louisiana"? Bienville
Why was the original colonial settlement at Fort Maurepas moved to a new location near Mobile Bay? Flooding and poor soil
Why was sending forcats to Louisiana so controversial? People took advantage of it by sending troublesome relatives as well.
What group were children born in the Louisiana colony considered to be members of? Creoles
Created by: Esther Landry
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