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Recognition P-Q

· padecer To suffer
· pagar To pay, to pay for
· parar To stop, to halt
· parecer To seem, to appear
· participar To participate, to take part in, to share in, to inform, to notify
· pasar To pass, to pass by, to go, to pass on, to hand, to spend [time], to happen
· patinar To skate, to slide, to skid
· pedir To request, to ask for
· pegar To stick, to glue, to hit
· peinar To comb
· peinarse To comb one's hair, to do one's hair
· pelear To fight, to brawl, to scruffle
· pensar To think
· perder To lose
· perdonar To forgive, to pardon, to excuse
· permanecer To stay, to remain
· permitir To permit, to allow
· perseguir To pursue, to chase, to hunt down
· pertenecer To belong, to pertain
· pesar To weigh, to weigh down, to weigh heavily
· pescar To fish
· picar To prick, to puncture, to perforate, to sting, to bite
· pintar To paint
· planchar To iron, to press, to do the ironing
· plantar To plant
· platicar To chat, to talk
· poder To be able to [do something]
· poner To put, to place, to set
· ponerse To put on [clothing], to put, to place [oneself], to turn, to get, to become
· practicar To practice
· predecir To predict, to foretell, to forecast
· preferir To prefer
· preguntar To ask, to inquire
· preguntarse To wonder, to ask oneself
· preparar To prepare, to get
· prepararse To get ready, to brace oneself
· presentar To introduce
· presentir To have a premonition of
· preservar To preserve, to protect
· prever To foresee, to anticipate, to envisage, to visualize
· probar To taste, to try, to test
· producir To produce
· prohibir To prohibit, to forbid
· prometer To promise
· proponer To propose
· proseguir To continue, to proceed with
· proteger To protect
· protestar To protest
· provocar To provoke
· publicar To publish
· purificar To purify
· quebrar To break, to smash, to fail, to go bankrupt
· quebrarse To break, to smash, to get broken
· quedar To stay, to remain, to be left, to be [indicating location]
· quedarse To stay [behind], to remain [behind]
· quejarse To complain
· quemar To burn [up], to set on fire, to scald, to scorch, to be burning hot
· quemarse To burn [oneself], to burn up, to burn down
· querer To want, to love
Created by: starfyre
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