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Recognition I-J-K-M-N-O

· ilustrar To illustrate, to explain, to make clear
· importar To import
· imprimir To print
· incluir To include
· indicar To indicate
· inducir To induce
· influir To influence
· informar To inform, to tell, to announce
· iniciar To initiate, to begin, to start
· inmigrar To immigrate
· insistir To insist
· instalar To install, to set up, to erect
· insultar To insult
· intentar To try, to attempt
· interesar To interest, to be of interest [to]
· interpretar To interpret, to translate
· introducir To introduce, to insert
· invadir To invade, to overrun
· inventar To invent
· invertir To invest
· investigar To investigate
· invitar To invite
· invocar To invoke
· ir To go
· irse To go away, to leave, to depart
· jactarse To boast, to brag
· jugar To play
· juntar To join, to unite, to put together, to assemble
· juntarse To join, to come together, to gather together, to meet
· jurar To swear
· ladrar To bark
· lamentar To lament, to regret, to feel sorry about
· lanzar To throw, to hurl, to cast, to fling
· lastimar To hurt, to injure, to harm, to pity, to move to pity
· lavar To wash
· lavarse To wash [oneself], to wash up
· leer To read
· legalizar To legalize, to make lawful
· levantar To raise, to lift
· levantarse To get up
· limpiar To clean
· llamar To call, to name
· llamarse To be called, to be named
· llegar To arrive, to come, to reach, to bring up, to bring over, to gather together
· llenar To fill, to fulfill
· llevar To carry, to bring
· llorar To cry, to weep, to weep for/about, to cry about, to lament
· llover To rain
· lograr To get, to obtain, to achieve, to attain
· luchar To fight, to struggle, to wrestle
· madurar To mature, to ripen
· mandar To order
· manejar To drive
· mantener To maintain, to get
· maquillar To make up
· maquillarse To put on makeup
· marcar To mark, to stamp, to show, to indicate, to dial [e.g., to a phone]
· masticar To chew
· matar To kill, to slay, to slaughter
· matricular To register
· matricularse To register, to enroll, to matriculate [oneself]
· medir To measure, to survey [terrain]
· mentir To lie
· merecer To deserve, to merit
· merendar To have [an afternoon] snack, to have as a snack
· meter To put [in], to place, to insert
· mezclar To mix, to mix up, to mix together, to blend, to combine, to merge, to shuffle
· mirar To watch, to look at
· modificar To modify, to change
· molestar To bother, to annoy, to inconovenience, to put out, to upset
· montar To mount, to get on, to ride
· morir To die
· mostrar To show
· mover To move
· moverse To move [oneself]
· mudar To change, to alter, to move
· mudarse To move [change residence]
· nacer To be born
· nadar To swim
· navegar To navigate, to sail
· necesitar To need, to require
· negar To deny, to refuse
· negarse To refuse
· negociar To negotiate
· nevar To snow
· notar To note, to notice, to observe
· obedecer To obey
· obligar To oblige
· obtener To obtain, to get
· ocurrir To occur, to happen
· odiar To hate
· ofender To offend
· ofrecer To offer
· oler To smell
· olvidar To forget
· olvidarse To forget
· oponer To pit [a against b], to set up [a in opposition to b], to play off [a against b]
· oponerse to stand against, oppose, object
· organizar To organize
· oír To hear
Created by: starfyre
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