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Recognition A-B-C

abandonar To abandon, to leave behind, to desert, to quit, to give up
· abordar To board, to get on [plane, bus, etc.], to approach, to accost [a person]
· abortar To abort, to cause to miscarry, to have a miscarriage
· abrazar To hug, to embrace
· abrir To open
· aburrir To bore, to tire, to be weary
· aburrirse To get bored, to become bored, to be bored
· abusar To go too far, to take advantage
· acabar To finish, to end
· acampar To camp, to encamp, to go camping
· aceptar To accept, to approve, to agree to
· acercar To bring near[er], to move [something] nearer
· acercarse To approach
· acompañar To accompany, to go with, to escort
· aconsejar To advise
· acontecer To happen, to occur, to come about
· acordar To decide, to resolve, to agree [on]
· acordarse To remember
· acortar To shorten
· acostar To put to bed
· acostarse To go to bed, to lie down
· acostumbrar To be accustomed to, to be in the habit of, to get
· acostumbrarse To get used to, to get accustomed to
· actuar To act, to perform, to actuate, to operate
· adivinar To guess, to fortell, to prophesy, to guess correctly
· admirar To admire, to respect, to look up to
· admitir To admit, to accept, to allow, to recognize
· adorar To adore, to worship
· adornar To adorn, to decorate, to embellish, to garnish [food]
· advertir To notice, to observe, to advise, to
· afeitar To shave
· afeitarse To shave [oneself]
· afirmar To make firm, to steady, to strengthen, to affirm, to state, to assert
· afligir To afflict, to grieve, to pain, to distress
· agorar bode
· agradar To please, to be pleasing
· agradecer To be thankful for
· aguantar To put up with, to endure, to bear, to stand
· ahorcar To hang
· ahorrar To save (money)
· alcanzar To reach, to catch, to catch up to, to catch up with
· alegrar To make happy, to cheer [up], to gladden
· alegrarse To be glad, to happy, to become/get happy, to rejoice
· alentar To encourage, to cheer, to inspire, to bolster up
· aliviar To alleviate, to ease, to lessen, to lighthen, to relieve
· almorzar To lunch, to eat lunch, to have lunch
· alquilar To rent, to rent out, to let
· amanecer To dawn
· amar To love
· amenazar To threaten, to menace
· andar To walk, to go
· anhelar To be eager for/to, to long for/to, to yearn for/to
· anunciar To announce
· apagar To extinguish, to put out, to turn off
· aparecer To appear
· aplaudir To applaud, to cheer, to clap
· aplicar To apply
· apostar To bet, to wager
· apoyar To support, to hold up, to prop up, to back
· apreciar To appreciate, to value, to esteem, to estimat
· aprender To learn
· apretar To be too tight, to squeeze, to tighten [up], to press [down/against]
· aprobar To pass
· arreglar To arrange, to settle, to fix up, to repair, to tidy up
· arrepentirse To repent, to be repentant, to regret
· arrojar To throw, to hurl, to cast, to toss
· asistir To attend
· asociar To associate, to pool, to put together
· aspirar To breath in, to inhale, to suck in, to aspirate, to aspire
· asustar To frighten, to scare, to startle
· asustarse To be frightened [oneself]
· atacar To attack
· atender To attend to, to pay attention to
· atraer To attract, to draw, to lure
· atravesar To cross, to cross over, to go across, to go over, to pass through
· atreverse To dare
· aumentar To increase, to add to, to augment, to be on the increase, to rise
· avanzar To advance, to move forward
· averiguar To find out, to discover
· avisar To warn, to inform, to notify
· ayudar To help
· añadir To add, to increase
· bailar To dance
· bajar To lower, to go down, to descend, to download
· barrer To sweep, to sweep clean, to sweep out, to sweep away
· batir To beat, to hammer, to pound [on]
· bautizar To baptize, to christen
· bañar To give a bath
· bañarse To take a bath, to bathe [oneself]
· beber To drink
· bendecir To bless, to foretell, to forecast
· besar To kiss
· bordar To embroider
· borrar To erase, to rub out, to cross out, to obliterate, to wipe out
· brillar To shine, to sparkle, to glitter, to gleam
· brindar To toast
· broncearse To get a suntan, to tan
· bucear To skin
· burlar To deceive, to trick, to seduce
· burlarse To mock, to ridicule, to make fun of [someone/something]
· buscar To search for, to look for
· caber To fit
· caer To fall
· calcular To calculate, to compute, to add up
· calentar To heat [up], to warm [up]
· calentarse To heat up, to warm up
· callar To keep quiet about, to pass over in silence, to hush
· callarse To keep quiet, to be quiet, to shut up, to be silent, to remain silent
· calmar To calm (down), to quiet, to soothe
· calmarse To calm down [oneself]
· caminar To walk, to go
· cancelar To cancel, to wipe out, to write off [debt]
· cansar To tire, to tire out, to fatigue, to wear out
· cansarse To get tired, to get worn out, to get weary
· caracterizar To characterize
· cargar To load, to load up, to charge
· casar To marry, to join in marriage, to join in wedlock
· casarse To marry [someone], to get married [to someone]
· castigar To punish, to penalize, to castigate
· causar To cause, to create, to make
· cazar To hunt, to represent, to stand for
· celebrar To celebrate, to praise, to applaud
· cenar To eat supper, to have supper, to eat dinner, to have dinner, to dine, to have for supper [or dinner]
· censurar To censor, to censure, to criticize, to blame
· cepillar To brush
· cerrar To close, to shut
· cesar To cease, to stop
· charlar To chat, to talk
· chismear To gossip
· chocar To shock, to startle, to be suprising, to startling, to collide, to crash
· civilizar To civilize
· clarificar To clarify, to illuminate, to light [up], to brighten
· clasificar To classify, to grade, to rate, to sort
· cobrar To charge [a price], to cash [a check], to collect, to receive [an amount]
· cocinar To cook, to do the cooking
· coger To catch, to grasp, to take hold of
· colgar To hang, to hang up, to be hanging, to be suspended
· colocar To locate, to place
· colonizar To colonize, to settle
· combatir To combat, to fight, to oppose, to attack
· comenzar To begin, to start, to commence
· comer To eat
· compartir To share, to divide [up]
· competir To compete
· componer To compose, to make up, to put together
· comprar To buy, to purchase
· comprender To understand, to comprehend
· comunicar To communicate, to transmit, to tell, to pass on
· comunicarse To communicate [e.g., to with someone], to be in touch, to correspond, to be transmitted
· condenar To condemn, to convict, to sentence
· conducir To drive, to conduct
· confesar To confess
· confiar To trust, to be trusting, to entrust
· confirmar To confirm, to corroborate, to endorse
· confiscar To confiscate
· conjugar To conjugate
· conocer To know
· conquistar To conquer, to overcome, to win
· conseguir To get, to obtain
· consentir To consent to, to allow, to permit, to tolerate, to put up with, to admit, to agree, to consent
· conservar To preserve, to conserve, to keep, to re
· consistir To consist [of], to be composed [of]
· constituir To constitute
· construir To build, to construct
· consumir To consume, to eat, to use up
· contaminar To contaminate, to pollute, to corrupt
· contar To count, to relate, to tell
· contener To contain, to hold
· contestar To answer
· continuar To continue
· contribuir To contribute
· controlar To control, to inspect, to check
· convencer To convince
· convenir To agree, to suit, to be suited to, to be good for
· conversar To talk, to converse, to tell, to relate
· convertir To convert
· convidar To invite
· copiar To copy
· corregir To correct
· correr To run
· cortar To cut
· coser To sew, to sew up, to stitch, to stitch up
· costar To cost
· crear To create, to make
· crecer To grow [up]
· creer To believe
· criar To raise
· criarse To grow [up], to be brought up
· criticar To criticize
· crucificar To crucify
· cruzar To cross
· cubrir To cover
· cuidar To take care of, to look after
· culpar To blame, to accuse, to condemn
· cultivar To cultivate, to grow
· cumplir To fulfil, to carry out, to reach
· curar To cure, to treat, to dress [a wound]
Created by: starfyre
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