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Civil War


What advantage did the South have over the North during the Civil War? Well the Confederates (South) had Farming and Agriculture. See, the North had very little farms and more like city life.
What were the black codes of 1865? The black codes, initially created in Mississippi and copied by most of the South, created a labor system that replicated slavery
What were the primary weapons used by both sides in the American Civil War? the standard weapon during the American Civil War was the United States Rifle Musket Model 1861 and, with some modifications, the 1863 model.
What were the effects of the Compromise of 1877? The compromise marked the “official” end of Reconstruction, but the North’s commitment to African American rights had been on the decline since Grant’s election in 1868
What was Reconstruction? Reconstruction was the reincorporation of the former Confederate States into the Union. It was a long and tortuous road that began during the war and ended in 1876.
What were the main failures of Reconstruction? The Reconstruction promise of freedom for African Americans, although realized temporarily during Radical Reconstruction, was ultimately lost in a system of segregation, sharecropping, and disfranchisement
How was religion used to justify slavery in the United States? White Southerners considered the Bible the cornerstone of their defense of slavery.
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