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Political Systems

Preparation for Test

What are the two reasons that all nations need ways to make, change and enforce laws? To govern a nation and help to preserve order
What is the special way a nation governs itself called? Political System
What type of government owns or controls all land, resources, industry, schools and media? Totalitarian Government
What type of government limits and restricts citizens' rights? Totalitarian Government
Totalitarian governments demand absolute loyalty and seek to regulate all private activities. TRUE or FALSE TRUE
What modern day totalitarian government limits the number of children families may have? China (currently they have a Two-child policy; previously they enforced a One-child policy)
With this type of government, citizens who criticize their government are often arrested? Totalitarian
Dictatorships, Communism, Theocracies and Absolute Monarchies represent this type of government? Totalitarian
Ruled by one person who uses violence and force to gain power. Dictatorship
Iraq when ruled by Saddam Hussein and Nazi Germany under Hitler. Dictatorships
A nation led by religious leaders whose laws are based on strict religious teachings. Theocracy
Under this type of totalitarian government there is only one acceptable religion; others are outlawed or discriminated against. Theocracy
This country when ruled by the Taliban is an example of a theocracy. Afghanistan (After the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. in 2001, it was removed from power).
This type of government is ruled by a king or queen. Monarchy
In a monarchy, how is power(the throne) passed on? It is inherited meaning it is passed down from generation to generation. (Also known as birthright).
In this type of monarchy, the ruler's word is law; citizens have no say in choosing the monarch; no limitations placed on the king's power Absolute Monarchy
Name a country that is one of the few remaining modern absolute monarchies. Swaziland
What type of government gives a voice to citizens guaranteeing rights with a written constitution that places limitations on the powers of the government? Democracy
Republics, socialism and constitutional monarchies represent this type of government? Democracy
The concepts of democracy come from this ancient country? Ancient Greece
The Greek word "demos" means people
The Greek word "kratos" means rule
The word "democracy" means People rule
This type of democracy allowed all "citizens" to meet to make laws. Pure Democracy
In Ancient Greece, not everyone was considered a "citizen"; this limited the number of people who could vote. TRUE or FALSE True
In this type of democracy, citizens elect officials at the local, state and national level who make laws and decisions for the nation. Republic (The United States is an example of a republic.)
In a republic, if you are unhappy with your elected officials what can you do? Vote for a different candidate in the next election.
In this type of democracy, you still have a king or queen but their power is limited by a constitution? Constitutional Monarchy
Name two modern day countries that are examples of a Constitutional Monarchy. England and Jordan
The power to make laws in Modern England belongs to this group which is made up of elected officials and is similar to our Congress. Parliament
This modern constitutional monarchy gives real political power to its King who works side by side with elected officials. Jordan
Created by: Barbara Conway
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