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US History Unit 2

Revolutionary America

1st Major Battle of the American Revolution which was a moral victory for Americans. Battle of Bunker Hill
British troops fired on a crown of anti-British protesters, killing 5. Boston Massacre
This prohibited American colonies from settling beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Proclamation of 1763
This drew up a list of grievances and caused the colonists to unit over the Coercive Acts. 1st Continental Congress
This conflict took place between the British and the French for the control of the American colonies. The French & Indian War
This battle was the turning point of the War for the Americans. Battle of saratoga
This act caused the Sons of Liberty to organize a protest by dumping ______ into the harbor Tea Act
These colonists believed in complete independence from Britain. Patriots
This type of fighting was heavily used by Washington & the Colonists that involves hit and run tactics & often fighting in the dark. Guerrilla warfare
This took away basic rights such as trial by jury. Coercive or Intolerable Acts
This treaty ended the French & Indian War. Treaty of Paris 1763
The Declaration of Independence was formally adopted at this major event. 2nd Continental Congress
This put a major tax on tea, lead, paper, paint & glass. Townsend Acts
Colonists boycotted the tax on tea by dumping millions of dollars worth of tea into the ocean. Boston tea Party
This forced American colonies to house British soldiers. Quarter Act
The very 1st battle of the American Revolution. Battles of Lexington and Concord
This put a major tax on legal documents & newspapers. Stamp Act
This treaty ended the American Revolution. Treaty of Paris 1783
This battle ended the American Revolution Battle of Yorktown
These colonists supported Britain due to economic, cultural or familial ties. Loyalists (Tories)
This phrase became popular when the British imposed many tariffs on American colonists without having members in Parliament. "No Taxation Without Representation"
This document contains a list of grievances about the King of Britain and shows our intent to separate from Britain. Declaration of Independence
Led the British droops during the American Revolution Charles Cornwallis
Monarch of Britain during the American Revolution and subject of the List of Grievances in the Declaration of Independence. King George III
Author of Common Sense and had a major impact on the Declaration of Independence Thomas Paine
Known for his ride throughout the night warning that the British are coming Paul Revere
French noble who helped American forces by providing training, money, and troops during the American Revolution Marquis de Lafayette
1st person to sign the Declaration of Independence John Hancock
Helped negotiate the Treaty of Alliance with France during the American Revolution Benjamin Franklin
Author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Famous Virginian who said the quote “give me liberty or give me death” Patrick Henry
Led the Continental Army during the American Revolution George Washington
Created by: MsWeigartz