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TX History Ch.3 Rev.

Review of Ch. 3

Which explorer was the first to reach the Americas from Europe? Christopher Columbus
What were the goals of the Spanish in exploring the New World? To spread Christianity, Make Spain more powerful, and gain wealth for themselves
Why were the Spanish were able to conquer Native Americans? The Spanish had better weapons and armor.
Cabeza de Vaca reached Texas because of the... failed Narvaez Expedition
La Salle mistakenly landed in Texas when he was trying to find the.... Mouth of the Mississippi River
What happened to La Salle’s colony? It perished
Which Spanish leaders defeated the Aztecs and Incas? Cortez and Pizarro
What was included in the book Cabeza de Vaca wrote? Descriptions of the land, animals, and people.
Fray Marcos de Niza increased Spain's desire to search for gold because he.... Said he had seen the cities of gold (Seven Cities of Cibola)
How did Coronado treat the Native Americans he conquered? He treated them harshly.
The French empire in the Americas was based in modern day... Canada
Why did the Reconquista result in the exploration of the New World? The final defeat of the Moors inspired Spain to look beyond its own country for wealth and glory.
What did Christopher Columbus hope to achieve on his voyage from Spain? He wanted to find a new route to China and India, acquire wealth, and spread the Christian faith.
What did Cortés hope to gain by defeating the Aztecs? He hoped to gain wealth and glory for himself and for Spain.
Why were the Spanish able to complete their conquest of Central and South America so quickly? The Spanish accidentally brought European diseases which killed many of the Native Americans.
What was the result of Álvarez de Pineda’s expedition? The voyage gave Spain their first accurate information about the Texas coast, including a well-drawn map.
What goal did the Fray Marcos de Niza expedition and the Francisco Vásquez de Coronado expedition share? Both were trying to find the Seven Cities of Cíbola.
Tay-yas means... Friends
What did the French traders want from Native Americans that became highly valued in Europe? Furs
Why did La Salle choose to build Fort St. Louis near present-day Matagorda Bay? He thought he was near the Mississippi River.
Cabeza De Vaca's book resulted in more Spanish exploration because it mentioned this. The Seven Cities of Ciblola
Many Spanish __________________________ came to the Americas to gain wealth and honor by conquering the Native Americans. Conquistadors
Payment of food or other valuables Tribute
The governor of a land who rules as a representative of a monarch Viceroy
This means native. Indigenous
Large Native American hut made out of adobe Pueblo
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