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Road to Revolution

Zenger Trial trial that established the media's right to publish the truth, even if it casts leaders in a negative light; also established a jury's ability to determine guilt or innocence; not just whether someone did something
freedom of the press the media's right to publish the truth, even if it casts leaders in a negative light
militia a force made up of civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army
George Washington soldier who fought in F&I War, aspired to career in British military
French & Indian War war over control of Ohio Valley
cede give up power or territory
Proclamation of 1763 established line drawn down Appalachian Mountains, keeping colonists east, Indians west
Magna Carta document from medieval England limiting the powers of the king and granting powers to the people; established Parliament as a lawmaking body
taxation without representation government requiring a group to pay taxes without giving that group a say in the lawmaking process
boycott an organized campaign to refuse to buy certain products
petition a written request to a government
repeal revoke or annul a law
Stamp Act a law meant to recoup costs for F&I War; required colonists to buy stamps for every piece of printed paper
Boston Tea Party protest against tea tax; colonists dumped shipment of British tea into Boston harbor
Townshend Acts series of taxes supported by English government minister Charles Townshend, on items such as glass, lead, paint, tea
Patrick Henry Virginia legislator; said, "Give me liberty or give me death!"
Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense & In Crisis
Samuel Adams colonist who helped organize Sons of Liberty, Committees of Correspondence, Boston Tea Party
Loyalist someone who was loyal to the king
Patriot someone who was loyal to the colonies and wanted to break away from England
John Adams lawyer who defended British soldiers involved in Boston Massacre; cousin of Sam Adams
blockade a means of sealing off a place - like Boston Harbor! - to prevent goods or people from entering or leaving
minutemen member of colonial militia who could be ready at a minute's notice
Quartering Act law that colonists must house and feed British troops
Boston Massacre skirmish between angry Bostonians & redcoats; a few Americans were killed and injured; helped to anger Americans toward war
Shot Heard Round the World first gunfire of the Revolution - British attack on Lexington & Concord
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